I hate men scratching their bits in public


As a rule, boys in this country aren’t very well trained in manners and etiquette. That’s a given. I accept that.

But what I have a problem with is grown men who see nothing wrong with scratching their balls or putting their hands down their trousers to “sort things out” and have a good old rummage while they’re sat right in front of me having a chat.

This week alone I have experienced this with two individuals who are over 30 and you think would know better.

One was in a work-based situation and happened more than once. We’d be having a conversation and he would just casually have a feel and a scratch on his man sandwich. The first time I let him off with it because we all get an itch here and there and the weather is a bit hot and sticky right now. After the fifth or sixth time (within a week) it has resulted in me being totally repulsed by this man. His mere presence anywhere near me now aggravates me to the point where I will fake a phone call so I can dart away from him. I know this may seem a trifle unfair but he is a grown man in a professional position. When talking to people, what rational reason could he give for having a feel and a good old play around with his balls as if he’s back at home reclining in the bath and having a lovely time? There is an infuriating arrogance in someone who gives such little consideration to others that he thinks they want to see him feeling himself up.

Perhaps there are ladettes and rugby girls who actually find it funny. Maybe even some girls disturbingly find it sexy. Maybe he’s been around them all his life and I’m just a repressed uptight bitch (I’m definitely not, piggy promise). I don’t know. Just thinking about it makes me gag.

Another incident was a friend who I was enjoying a drink with last week. We were sitting on some high bar stools and he was wearing funny, unflattering long shorts. He did it slightly more discreetly than the work guy but he kept giving them a nudge and a little tug every so often. Again, it really started to irritate me that he wouldn’t think this would be offensive to me. He’s my friend and I am in no way attracted to him so to be forced to notice this particular body part over the course of an evening really put me off my pork scratchings.

So, for future reference it would be really nice if men kept their itchy and scratchy business for the bathroom, bedroom or the STD clinic. Wherever you do it please just keep it away from me and my uptight, over sensitive eyes.

9 Responses to “I hate men scratching their bits in public”

  1. blackgirlinthecity Says:

    ha – I hate men that don’t cut thier nails. ARAHH!

  2. NIck Says:

    This blog is fucking funny but I don’t really see the point. Are you a bunch of weekend junkies who meet up on mondays, when the serotonine is low, and vent by discussing who you hate – and how you write about it?

    I’m not hating(heh). I’m actually really curious as to what the point is.

  3. NIck Says:

    Fuck, I just scoped your love blog. I think I get it.

  4. Roger Jolly Says:

    what are we supposed to do when our balls itch? just squirm and make faces until you leave the room? people like you want everyone else to think there’s something wrong with being human. humans have genitals, genitals itch and genitals get scratched, get over it! i got an idea! why don’t you find something important to care about? i’m pretty sure there are more serious issues to complain about than public scratching. throw a dart at a newspaper if you can’t think of one on your own…

  5. Barbara Says:

    Men who can’t keep their hands off their swinging bits while in public should be dressed in restraining clothing by their Mothers before leaving the house. Perhaps a unitard? Something so they cannot get their hands on the goods.

    Roger Jolly: why don’t you excuse yourself, go to the little boys room, and scratch and fondle away to your heart’s content?

  6. Adidas F50 Says:

    i got an idea! why don’t you find something important to care about? i’m pretty sure there are more serious issues to complain about than public scratching. throw a dart at a newspaper if you can’t think of one on your own…

  7. Can't Be Me » Stop Scratching Your Junk In Public Says:

    […] I Hate Men Scratching Their Bits Hate Men Scratching Their Bits In Public […]

  8. ball_scratcher Says:

    I hate women pulling their bra straps and adjusting their jugs in public.

  9. ulf Says:

    I hate women hating men scratching their balls, it is just female envy because you have no balls.

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