I hate living with people


Living where I do, being anal about hygiene and house tidiness means I can’t turn a blind eye when faeces is smeared all over the toilet, and I prefer the fridge not to smell like it’s got a decomposing family of rats at the bottom of it. My housemates are much more laid back characters. They have a special, yet common condition called Selectively Repetitive Blindness to Disgusting Mess Disorder.

I have shared flats with people for a whole decade now and if money would allow I would no longer be doing so. The reasons why I hate living with people are perhaps obvious but it makes me feel better if I write them down. Here. On this blog. For you to read.

When you are 19 and have finally moved out of home and no longer have your mother perched at the end of you bed at 7.30 every morning asking if you had a nice time last night and “Do you want your Cheerios or Coco Pops?” moving in with friends is super duper amazing. Like probably the most exciting, most life changing thing you could ever do. You can go out every single night. You can get so drunk that you get your stomach pumped on a weekly basis and your parents need never know. You can shag every boy or girl you work with at Blockbuster Video in the comfort of your own bedroom. The list is endlessly brilliant. At this point in your life you seem to not care about the little details. Who cares if no one buys toilet paper? You can nick one of those massive rolls from the student union. Who cares if you have mice? It’s nice to have someone to talk to when you’re on mushrooms. Who cares if there is no hot running water? Bath time is something you can save for those trips back to Ma and Pa.

The problem is most people I end up living with have never got beyond this stage in life. Unless you are a warthog you will end up cleaning their dishes for them because it’s easier than nagging them to do it. It means you will have to buy endless amounts of toilet paper because you sound like a cretin asking for 40 pence from each person to pay for it. The same applies to washing up liquid, bleach, bin bags, tin foil, hand wash and milk. It means you will more often that not be the one lugging bin bags filled with oil, stinky fish and old condoms outside. It also means that sometimes you have to knock on the wall at 3am and ask them to have sex a tiny bit more quietly because you have a meeting at 8am in Croydon.

I guess people, by their very nature, are selfish. Myself included. It annoys me if I wake up and the shower is not immediately available. How dare someone else be in there when I need to be. It annoys me if I come home and someone is watching the television and it’s not something I want to watch. It annoys me if I am watching something I want to watch and then someone strolls in and starts gasbagging on the phone for 20 minutes sat right next to me.

In my ideal world I would live alone. Just me, a garden (or balcony), double glazing, a little sausage dog and a nice friendly corner shop that stocked plenty of Irn-Bru and Haribo sweets. Like a proper grown up.

13 Responses to “I hate living with people”

  1. Neer Says:

    i agree with u…i prefer living alone too…people are so full of non sense…they wont respect your privacy and some people can be very dirty…they also gossip behind your back…i just hate living with people!!!

  2. zena Says:

    i share your views. living on my own gives me a certain level of independency. I dont have to pleasing people all days of my life while ignoring my needs.

  3. robert brownbear Says:

    hey i think we all share the same views, its not as if i hate my house mates because i know they can be decent people, i just think as zena said people shouldnt have to go through there day pleasing other peeps. i love chillin in my room when im at home nd when im out socialisin by skatin or doin shit, all my house mates do is sit nd watch fuckin soaps! nd they wonder why im always out! TV shelters the imagination, bloody get out there, go fishin, skatin, read a book and better your self!

  4. Adidas F50 Says:

    i love chillin in my room when im at home nd when im out socialisin by skatin or doin shit, all my house mates do is sit nd watch fuckin soaps! nd they wonder why im always out! TV shelters the imagination, bloody get out there, go fishin, skatin, read a book and better your self!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    well atleast u dont over 10 living human being lving in your home… and only 4 of them are your FAMILY .. since they arent family they walk in my house from the side gate which is never locked and my room is right next to it… you dont understand how much privacy they have invaded by simply looking inside…… i rmemeber last time i was getting changed right.. one of them come by and peeks acts like they cant see me inside ? its my own window ive tested it everyway i know they see me… cause even my friend can when they come. lol So imagine 6 different random cunts coming in and out of your home and all walking into a gate that will automatically lead there eye towards my room because it right next to it.. no privacy !!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im gna buy and train pet crows and magpy to pook out they motherfukn eyes. I cant even open my blind at night because they constatly coming in and out looking inside. MAKE Me FEEL REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE !! dont know whati can do ?i cant kick them out plus i cant block my windows cause i need the sunlight and plus im fkn high as fk and im still mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fkkkkkkkkkkkkkk now im not high no more beucase of this……

    • blaaaaaaaaaab Says:

      Tell them to stop bein fing pervs and stop gettin high cuz then u can’t control ur surroundings….who’s to say someone dosent try takin advantage of u..I would know..ppl are fricken crazy..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I HATE LIVING WITH PEOPLE TOO! Especially people who are too inconsiderate to even give you a key to the house but expect a job to materialize.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    My advice is to always strive your hardest to have your own because people were raised differently and can be self centered. I’ve lived with a friend who requested I not use hot water because it made her water bill too high. No hot water to shower with,clean, or wash clothes with. I also briefly lived with a friend who left unfinished takeout boxes all over the floor. It wasn’t uncommon to see a styrofoam chicken box in the middle of the floor with chicken still inside.

  8. Cindie Says:

    I would much rather live alone…I cannot tolerate other people’s filth.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    If you can afford it, living alone is priceless. People’s filth absolutely drives me up the wall. I don’t expect to do brain surgery in my home, but for crying out loud, why do people have to be such freaking pigs?

  10. supernovascotia Says:

    Agreed. I like to write and listen to music, but when someone’s downstairs blasting the TV I can’t focus on either!

  11. Sara Petersen Says:

    I hate living with people who are not my immediate family because like right now my husband said his sister and a-hole of a boyfriend could stay with us. my children are now expected to be quiet til 2 or 3 in the afternoon on the weekends and when we are getting ready for school I get attitude if I turn the light on in the living room. I really hate living with them. my sister in law has a job but her boyfriend does not and he sits on his ass and expects it to materialize in his hands. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hate it.

  12. vfedyeyh@gmail.com Says:

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