I hate America


Yep, I hate every single person, place, object and entity in America.

Okay, I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t hate a great number of things that America has given to the world. And it also doesn’t mean that I won’t list a selection of these things for you now.

Here is some of the shit America has unashamedly excreted into the world for us all to endure, as well as other stuff I am holding them wholly accountable for:

  • The Ku Klux Klan
  • McDonald’s
  • Napalm
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Twinkies
  • Anne Coulter
  • The popularisation of morbid obesity
  • Frasier
  • Hillary Clinton
  • The phrase “my bad”
  • P.O.D.
  • TV evangelism
  • The constant mispronunciation and misspelling of English words
  • Barney the dinosaur
  • Scientology
  • Matt Damon

See what I mean now? One country is to blame for all of this. And this is only a mere fraction of what I can be bothered to write down. Feel free to add to the list.


198 Responses to “I hate America”

  1. blair Says:

    you’re wrong about P.O.D. you know. The whole world is.

    • James Says:

      No one put anything good like 9/11 they bitch about two buildings a little bit of a five sided fail building and a crashed plane but have regrets about droping two atomic bombs on civilian citys and stand there and say we needed to see if it worked thats what the osama bin laden should of said we were seeing if americans are soo stupid that they would jump out the building under were the planes crashes dumb yanks

      • Jake Says:

        Thousand of people died on 9/11… you are desrespecting them all by poking fun at america like that.


      • Fuck You Says:

        Fuck you dude. Satan took a crap and that’s where america came from. Famous quote said “Facism will come to America wrapped in a flag and holding a cross” 9/11 was all from the government. 2 planes don’t knock down 2 buildings; and they sure as hell don’t make them collapse straight down, it was a controlled explosion. Also just to add how could they already tell us who was responsible for the “attack” before the buildings even fell; and then invade Iraq when al qieda was in pakistan. Either it was set up to boost nationalism or George Bush is even more stupid than everyone already believes. and that’s saying something. I live in fucking Kansas and I’ve seen it all. and we may have the biggest military power in the world but not one single soldier is involved in a battle that has anything to do with us. Not one soldier has died for a worthy cause since WWII.And the fact that some of these faggots will hide behind talking about how “great America is” and how “powerfull we are” are total fucking biggots. You can’t talk shit or threaten to do anything unless you’re willing to stand up for yourself. Which America in general doesn’t. We’re owned by china. We control nothing. Anarchy is the only thing that will work now. There does need to be rioting. We’re not a democracy at all. In no way. We are a rebulic which means that we don’t choose who gets to be president. A group of politicians decides that. All we do is decide which guys get to choose what guys get to go to the Capital and make more money and decide what more laws they want to pass to decide how we’re allowed to live. Do I think people should do whatever they want? No! but I do believe that everyone has the right to decide whether they will do what is right or wrong and the consequences no matter what they are will justify it. If you want to pull up our military and use that as a stick to swing GO JOIN THE FUCKING MILITARY! Eventually we all will have to fend for ourselves because when you’re in need odds are D.C. and the military won’t be there to help you. And if they are then odds are no one else but them will be there and you just became their bitch. Overpopulation is going to kill us all eventually anyway. The world can’t survive without primordial instinct or survival of the fittest. Anarchy. It’s proven its supremecy in every society since the begining of time. Love it or hate it, it always wins.

  2. url monro Says:

    English Excrement:

    -Boris Johnson
    -Heavily embellished spelling of words with extra letters i.e. “colour” etc.
    -Earl Grey
    -Simon Cowell
    -British food
    -the London Summer
    -Shoreditch Hipsters
    -Leona “Horseface” Lewis
    -The Crusades
    -Prince Harry
    -Ricky Gervais
    -British kids rocking New Era caps, having never played/watched baseball

    I can’t think of any more, sorry, “my bad”.

  3. John Says:

    hey dude, we’re talking about america here. get your own comments section.

    anyway, your list is mostly just less bad versions of the stuff i mentioned.

    for every boris johnson you guys have got a george bush. and for every prince harry there is a mcdonald’s drive-thru.

  4. breddabowl Says:

    The UK certainly loves their McDonald’s, check it out:

    Britain = tiny backwards island

    US = massive obese mess

    Tough to compare.

    It is, however, pretty hard to to top the Crusades, and LTJ Bukem. Serious.

    Definitely odd how baseball caps (especially NY, LA, SF etc.) are worn religiously by urban types in the UK. Think about that. Looks like John’s wearing one in his photo even.

    Loving me some Prince Harry though.

  5. ian cocking Says:

    tiny backwards island? well what does that make the shithole your from then? the UK rules your world so much you haven’t even noticed.

  6. DualDenz Says:

    if it weren’t for the US, i’d most likely be speaking German now. i don’t like a lot of American things either, but i’d rather have them then having to suffer the alternative.

  7. Pete Says:

    twinkies are good

  8. Pete Says:

    wait wait wait NICKELBACK arent on that list?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    dual denz. that isn’t the point you wankjob. is that the only reason you have for to justify your cultureless exsistance? seriously, I’ve heard that one far to much.

    ” blah blah blah if it wasn’t for us you would be speaking german.”

    if it wasn’t for you lot i’m sure a lot of things would be much better too.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    oh wait, you’re not american. you might as well be. britain doesn’t need that kind of attitude. there are to many fuckwits already. NOW GO BACK TO WATCHING FRIENDS.

  11. blah Says:

    it was america and the other capitalist/fascists that bankrolled hitler in the 1930s, including george bushes great grandparents. but either way, just because one nation is shit doesnt make our one better, thats called nationalism and thats a bad thing which should be up on the hate list.

  12. human Says:

    boris johnson is actually american too. another you can add to the list. πŸ˜€

  13. Ponytail Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation πŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Ponytail.

  14. Joey Says:

    that’s all you hate America for? LOL.


  15. mihai [RO]============= Says:

    Americans are retarded deported europeans and convicts.
    All the European trash was sent on that new wasteland.. and they hat to be free of us and invented new measurement units and degrees and so on :))
    Bunch of inbread trailerpark trash eating mayonaise sandwiches.
    They attack other weeker states to win OIL and kill innocent ppl.
    FUCK AMERICA>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Elizabeth Says:

    I hate people who think they’re better than a country.

  17. ANONYMOUS Says:

    i couldn’t agree more about america i hate them all for every reason going

  18. ANONYMOUS Says:

    ok the other anonymous SOD OFF BACK TO YOUR CARD BOARD BOX!!!

  19. Mr Meteor Says:

    You are right. America is a shitty society. Rob from the poor to feed the rich.

    A pathetic group of over-privledged whinny losers. 300 million shitty assholes.

  20. alice Says:


    in case you didn’t notice you drawling, cheesy-smiled, fat freaks, your language originally came from england and any shortened versions of spelling are the result of american laziness. I also hate the way they name one thing after a brand name… like Jell-o! Minging! I’m so picky about grammar and spelling, that kind of thing really pisses me off. If it wasn’t for us English the Americans wouldn’t even be there… so they can suck on that, bitches!

    American rock music as well is just some amplified, messed up, noisy, screaming version of British rock… stupid emo lyrics and crappy minor chords played over and over with that incessant boring drawl droning on and on with no regard whatsoever for anything like KEY or TUNE.

    then again we can’t blame the peopl eof america for this crap. i suppose it’s just the result of money, oil, brands, celebrities… and eventually like I said… the English gave birth to Americans…

    • Anonymous Says:

      ummmm…. NO!

      • Jake Says:

        Well England got their ASS kicked by americans a long time ago so you can SHUT THE FUCK UP πŸ™‚ Go drink your pussy ass tea and kiss America’s ass you English BITCH! If it weren’t for AMERICA, Almost all of Europe would be speaking German right now…. dumb shit…. you better be glad to know we are your allies.

      • jack Says:

        No that was becaquse of the Russians 70 percent of German troops were fighting them while the rest were fightiong you the British and the Canadians.

  21. wolfdisguisedasmonk Says:

    Yeah! I hate all Americans cos they are all fat and stupid and make sweeping generalisations. This list is the very definition of tilting at windmills. Oh and just to clear one thing up, I could be wrong but I very much doubt that even if Nazi Germany wanted to make the whole world speak German (which I don’t remember being on their “to do list”), that they could have done it in one or two generations. Do you not think there might have been some sort of resistance movement? We still have Welsh and Cornish for fucks sake.
    As for the embittered English accusing Americans of corrupting the language, many “Americanisations” are in fact old English words that have fallen out of use in the UK and language is not static. It is a dynamic thing, always developing and changing, which is why the English language (including the American tongue) has over twice as many individual words than any other. It is a wonderfully verbose thing and should be celebrated.

    • Jake Says:

      Your right about the English thing, but Germany was taking over almost all of Europe and America came over to save you all. just to let you know πŸ™‚

      • Prince Charles Says:

        Suck my big gat British cock!

      • Aulstarlia Rules! Says:

        Yeah, Americans came to save the Brits from zee evil Nazis, but they made sure to fry those Japanese fuckers pretty good in the process. America, fuck yeah!.

    • Kimmy Says:

      So americans are ALL fat and stupid and make sweeping generalisations? Hmm.. I sense a bit of irony here. You are making a sweeping generalisation about Americans!

    • Ann Schroeder Says:

      wolfdisguisedasmonk, you said, “Yeah! I hate all Americans cos they are all fat and stupid and make sweeping generalisations”. That entire sentence was nothing but a generalization. Not all Americans are fat and not all Americans are stupid. You will find moronic people in any country (and if you want to get into the idiots from UK, how about Ashley Cole, Hugh Grant, Wendy Lewis, and The Duchess of York) that do nothing but embarass their country and people and help reinforce negative stereotypes.

      I am not trying to say that America does not possess any of the bad qualities that people have described on this post (I happen to find our ever-growing weight problems to be repulsive and increasing diagnosis for ADD/ADHD unjustified), however, I do feel that many of the ideas perpetuated on this post by commenters are quite ignorant. There are still plenty of Americans who are aware of their cultural backgrounds and are proud of where they came from (I’m proud as hell to say that I am of Swiss descent), eat sensibly, don’t engage in exceptionally ‘gluttonous’ behavior, and treat their peers with the same amount of respect that they would want from others. So while you all continue to bash America and express your opinions of disgust towards the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, I hope you choose to do so in a way that does not make you look like a close-minded, uneducated prick.

  22. Rebecca Says:

    Hating Americans, huh? I can understand hating George Bush, or Bushy as we call him, but the people? Based on what? Have you been there? I’m not saying you’ll like it, but have you? Did you know that MOST Americans, a whopping 73%, depise George Bush and didn’t want to go to war? Most people think it is about 2 things. 1. finishing the job his dad, George Bush Sr., didn’t finish with the Gulf War and 2. getting his filthy paws on more oil. The people of America are not stupid. The government is failing the children by neglecting education in favor of god knows what, it’s true. But the mothers’ and fathers’ of those children are crying out but going unanswered. American’s don’t know much about the rest of the world because on either side of the country is a giant friggin ocean. Most Americans will NEVER leave the country. It just simply costs too much. The majority of people in america can’t afford it. If your neighbors house is 50 miles away, how much do you really think you’d know about them if you had to walk there? They are frustrated and they are mislead by an increasingly corrupt government. They are brainwashed from birth to believe that they are free but told they have to paint their house a certain color. They are told that they are free but have to jump through so many hoops their whole life to do ANYTHING that they just get tired and complacent. They work and work for what they have. Don’t think just because there are 50 TV’s to choose from at the store that MOST Americans didn’t work meaningless jobs for 40 hours a week just to get a check that covers the bills and food. I am an American and I AM dissatisfied with my government body. I AM disgusted with the MILLIONS of fat people here. God is that annoying… the fat blobs… But that is not all of us. Most people are actually overweight because they work so much that 1. they don’t get enough sleep, 2 no time to eat properly (hence the explosion of fast food). Everything is rush rush rush. The average American crams 18 hours of activity into a 14 hour day when compaired to many parts of the world. that is not an opinion, that is a statistic. We are not lazy. We don’t have time to even take care of ourselves. That is a path beginning to change. We are still fighting. We the Americans still believe our dream and even though our government hasn’t listened to us for the last 8 years, our voice has risen and we will show the world again who we really are. We will not follow a madman. Not knowingly anyway. By the way, a sweeping generalization about American’s isn’t the best way to combat the ‘sweeping generalizations’of Americans… Dummy.

  23. Rebecca Says:

    Oh and we didn’t name Jell-o. We just want what’s in the box πŸ˜‰

  24. Netherlands Says:

    You’re right about everything but Frasier and Matt Damon

  25. Netherlands Says:

    Also quite funny is the fact that all Americans seem to hate George Bush…If you hate him, why is he charge? That even makes you fuckheads more stupid

    • food109 Says:

      in America we have this thing called the electoral college. If you belong to the electoral college your vote counts as more than one. Every election in America is kind of rigged because of that.

  26. Netherlands Says:

    So, what Europe is trying to say. You fucking yanks have blood on your hands, you all have. And one day you’re going to regret it

    • infadel Says:

      So come and do something about it then. we have enough nukes to take ya all out. If we are going i wanna take you all with us. nuke the world baby. if we have blood on our hands no reason to stop now.

  27. Netherlands Says:

    And 4. Don’t think you have any right to complain..The whole fucking world knows your continent is cancer. And probably your continent has inventend cancer. America is dying..Russia and China are taking over, you fuckheads will be suffering

    • Kittu Says:

      We Canadians saved your Dutch asses from Germany. Show some gratitude, we have to live on the same continent as America.

    • food109 Says:

      There are flaws in your theory I have a feeling China is trying to become like the U.S. China had a pretty dumb idea there. Russia is becoming capitalists and i find it pretty obvious capitalists don’t attack capitalists.

  28. Netherlands Says:

    5. I hope Europe will be dropping bombs on America some day. So those fucktards will know they’re worth nothing

  29. Netherlands Says:

    6. Remember one thing..Europe hates you fucking cunts

  30. Rebecca Says:

    Europe has a filthy mouth if you are it’s sole representative. Hmmm… Europe hates Americans. Is that all Europeans or some or are you speaking for yourself? The same process could be said of americans opinions of George bush. When we voted him in (by the way Al Gore won the majority vote. Bush only won by a technicality of electoral votes) some americans liked him, some didn’t feel either way, and some, like myself, didn’t vote for or like him at all. As the years have past we have seen what he has done in the name of America and MOST of us don’t like him because of it. He does not have the support of the American people. That is why we fired most of our senate and house reps and got rid of the Republican party. We had to wait until Bush’s term was over so we could vote him out. I believe WE the American people have. That is why Barack Obama is our president now. WE hope he can represent us truthfully and honorably on the world stage. We hope that our values and desires for peace will flow through this man and tears of joy will replace tears of frustration that once rolled down our cheeks. You have no idea what it is like to be here. To be in a country so large that your voice might as well be a speck of dust. It is disheartening. and yes, we complain. Why? We have been brain washed our whole lives that we are free, yet every immigant I have met says they feel no freedom here. We are straight jacketed and told we are free to fly. We are fed shit on a spoon and asked to smile and take it. You can’t even say the word CRAZY on the radio any more because it might offend someone. That, to me, is crazy. But I love my country, or maybe just the landscape… i’m not sure anymore. I will agree with you that America is on a downward spiral but we won’t give it up that easy. We just need a breath of fresh air to pick ourselves back up again and figure out what the hell is going on. It is sad, Netherlands, that you would wish anyone dead. You sound just like all the Bush followers talking about the middle east. You sure you aren’t one of them? Change the country around to Iraq and man, you’d be a good ol’ boy redneck. Oh, I almost forgot, you posted Feb 1st and asked why is Bush in charge. He hasn’t been in charge since January 20th and Obama was elected in mid November.

    • Ann Schroeder Says:

      ….Barack Obama is nothing more than a corrupt politician pushing his own political agenda through Washington. Do you really truly believe that an American president will represent our country the way that WE want him to? I doubt it. I don’t feel that we will ever have a president that will represent our country’s interests over their own interests. Barack Obama is a scum-sucking bottom feeder who does not uphold the core values of our constitution, and I’m embarassed to call him our president. He may be “our” president, but he sure as hell is not MY president.

      • Dirk Diggler Says:

        LOL, Best thread eVer!!! BTW, you responded like 3 years later….she had no idea he would turn out to be the biggest loser….and England, please put some braces on those nasty teef…morons.

  31. Rebecca Says:

    P.S. Nickelback should DEFINATELY be on the list of things from America that suck.

  32. some guy Says:

    rebecca that is a good arguement but your not going to stop people from hateing america it may be true some of you are good people but the majority are what we don’t like. Belive it or not we can’t say stuff on the radio or T.V. like crazy because it may offend some one as well so stop thinking your so hard done by. That is what i don’t like is every one of you either is 100% supportive of your country and all your seteriotypical views on the world, and the other half is like you and thinks oh no its a big lie feel sorry for us.

  33. Rebecca Says:

    I’m not trying to stop people from hating america. I’m hoping that people all over the world will be less inclined to judge any nation or civilization based on stereotypes and misconceptions. I’m also not trying to convey the message that america is the only country that isn’t allowed to say crazy on the air. I was using that example to illustrate how in what is supposed to be the nation of freedom, as we are raised to believe in our heart of hearts and by that come to expect as adult citizens of this nation, we are controlled down to our conistitutional free speech. I think I broke 5 laws just driving to work this morning and I obeyed all traffic laws that I know of. Oh, no wait, I did drive with my flip flops off… I’m not supposed to drive barefoot. So that’s probably 6 laws I broke. It is just a small thing to be able to say crazy on the radio, but it just doesn’t seem that the government is satisfied with being in cotrol of things that are important. They are starting to control so much of the detail of life that it doesn’t feel like freedom. My mother in Dallas, for example, just had to cut any branches lower than 10 ft off her trees on her property that she “OWNS” because the city passed an ordinance. Here in Florida, where I live, you have to have 3 trees in your front yard period in some areas of the city. Now when you have major problems, as many, many, many other places have and we have as well, these seem trivial. However, when you are raised to believe that you are free to pursue happiness and what that means to you, the hundreds upon hundreds of details you might have never thought could be taked away from you start to become more and more important. Small cuts are truely small cuts, but multiply that over the entire body of a person and you’ve got an attack on a person to deal with, not just a cut. The cuts are connecting and if you add in the salt of ‘land of the free’ it makes it hurt that much more. Anyone should be free to think what ever they want about any person, place or thing. I just wish people the world over would be less inclined to make broad generalizations sentencing peoples to death or destructions after having judged it deserved in their minds. Governments world over are the clouds in the sky, some bring shade, some bring rain and others just pass peacefully by but can you hate the sky? It is the clouds that demand attention and focus.

  34. jelena Says:

    I hate america so much
    and madonna old hore…
    Best regards from Serbia

  35. Ryan Preston Says:

    I live here in america and I hate it. Why don’t we have free health care like the rest of the western world. Why is everyone so worried about what Jessica Simpson is doing. why are our tax dollars going to prisons being nicer then our homes. in fact that’s the only place in america where we can get free health care ..is in f*cking prison. I am thinking about moving to Europe but america will probably bomb there too. and do notice that im spelling america with a lower case a.

  36. Rebecca Says:

    That is why we the people have to take the power back. We are 300 million strong Ryan. It will take all of us to act so we can be the America painted for us as children in this country. As the dream we’ve been denied. There are 300 MILLION of us. This is no small number. We are an ocean slowly building momentum towards the shore of a government too long out of touch with the people. Totally off subject, but how do you feel about 1/3 of the prison poulation being incarcerated for marijuana possession? That’s a staggering factoid.

    • england forever!!! Says:

      you are saying that you are 300 million i agree but 100million are immigrants from mexico,bolivia and the rest of south american countries

  37. dan-e Says:

    hahaha this is a great little blog. Some interesting words bexta. Let me begin by stating that I am an Australian, and I loathe america to its rotten core. I found this blog by googling “i hate america” after seeing photo’s of the US Navies latest toy; an electromagnetic railgun that will blow shit up halfway around the world within +/- 5 metres accuracy with a projectile that travels at 7 miles per second. This is what your nation is about. Not feeding the hungry, not reducing their pollution or investing in alternative energy. This is why people with your principles would be best served by hanging themselves. You will forever be drowned out by the *other* half of your redneck flag-waving so-patriotic-its-just-plain-stupid population. I know there are good people in America; but I don’t believe there is any momentum swinging their way. It’s a snowball effect; your nation is built upon slavery; tempered with greed-oriented war and garnished with the utter hypocrisy of “free speech”. What’s left? Obese people who worship their military technology, and tell the whole world how they feel without realising just how stupid they look. The only reason America has contributed to modern science is because of it’s ridiculously huge military budget. A military is for killing people; this is what your nation is about. Like you said yourself; with 300 million people no one could fucking stop you if you stood united. But you don’t. Your nation is a shining example of the inherent flaws in human beings when all basic survival needs have been met. A cold void baren of spirituality, free-thought, and any kind of promising future. Do yourselves a favor – kill yourselves, or die fighting for your values. Stop talking about them. Your apathy and inaction is destroying the entire planet, not just your ugly shit-hole of a nation. Man the fuck up.

    • gross generalizations Says:

      No comment made in this particular blog entry was intelligent, objective, or not completely based on a stereotype. Stop getting your perceptions of people from television. America is a huge country with many different cultures and ideas, and the people are mostly removed from the government. Read a book.

  38. Rebecca Says:

    Well said. Except for committing suicide, that is exactly how myself and a growing majority of Americans feel. That hatred you harbor for the issues you mentioned cannot by nature be foreign concepts to us because we are right in the middle of it. We are lied to so successfully by the government that it is hard to see what is real sometimes. With the exception of the last 20 years or so, most people here have been cut off from the outside world and only know the ‘news’ as the government presents it. The people of this country are stirring. The internet, this website and the constant new alternative media reporting are breaking into the carefully constructed image of our country the government has painted. We are waking up. I have to admit you are extremely interesting to me. You’ve summerized so well countless conversations I’ve had and heard over and over again. So, seriously, where would you start? I’m even worried about what I’m typing here… I could end up in jail tagged as a terrorist for phrasing something that could be taken as hostility towards my country. I could be executed as a traitor. I Also know that some where in a little room, some one in the government is reading this and possibly flagging it. My whole life could be destroyed along with every else’s I know. Would you want the US government after you? Just you? Think about that a little. You may understand why people are a little hesitant to act. I spent the night in jail once because I was driving on a suspended license unaware. I had no prior record but I was shackled and taken to a detention center anyway. It wasn’t because I was dangerous or anything either… I’m a 5’7 girl who was raised by a police officer and I was only 26 at the time. It was bullshit. Why was my license suspended? Someone had stolen my identity in the Washington DC area and had gotten a speeding ticket on a license I never had. They never paid the fine, I went to jail and I went to court every month for a year. I would have sat in jail for a month if I hadn’t been able to post bail. I also just want to say I really repect what you wrote. I think I’ve read it about 5 times. I wish everyone in this country was as fed up and as knowledgable as you about US affairs as you are… something would change. Where did you learn about that horrible railgun? Some things should just never be.

  39. Rebecca Says:

    I also found this blog by typing in I hate America into google. Our government tells us that most of the world loves us… I figured it can’t be true and ‘heard’ it wasn’t. I wanted to know why and talk to people I’m cut off from. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really know that so many people would wish me dead for being an American. That knowledge is sobering and depressing.

  40. dan-e Says:

    Well a big part of why the rest of the world hates america is because america is a superpower which exerts huge influence on western societies all over the world. Come to Australia, turn on the TV any night of the week, and 95% of what you will see is american TV shitcoms, news about america, and remnants of american “terrorist” propaganda. Here in Australia we have introduced our own “anti-terror” laws and advertising campaigns (“Be Alert, Not Alarmed!”, “Is It a Bag, Or Something Else?”) which is just plain ludicrous considering there has never been an act of terrorism in Australia aside from our own governments treatment of the indigenous population. This is the kind of political power your nation exerts, and nations like mine just lick the balls of retards like George W because our economies rely on the stability of yours – and yours relies on greed-oriented wars and pacification of the population. I find it all sobering and depressing also. Most of the western world deserves to die in my opinion; and I couldn’t care less if that were to happen. I hate my own kind, but I can’t deny that the root of it all starts and ends with america – you lead, we inevitably follow. And your not setting an altruistic example, by a long shot.

  41. some guy Says:

    I also found this blog by typeing in ”i hate america” into google i’m British and to be honest most of the things my government says i completely dis agree with and like you dan-e, the British government also has the heads so far up america’s arse they can see day-light and i hate it why can’t hust one country in the west actualy disagree with america. Personaly i think it is because in some way or another they are scared of being bombed or shot to shit by america. I also agry that everything on T.V. in Britain is american some of i don’t mind but most of it i completely dispise it. I also can not stand the US military and their gung-ho atitude, not long ago i was talking to some US airforce guys or what ever they are called, and every word that came out of there dirty mouths i hated, about how the British army was so useless. Just because we aren’t blowing up every last moving thing they see. Aside from the us military, well slightly aside, i am also scared of the us government reading this and kid napping me in my sleep and im on the other side of a fucking ocean. I also realy hate it when the americans say ”we saved your arse in world war 2.” That may well be true but for fuck sake thats not going to last for ever no one realy knows if the nazis would of won with out americas help after all russia were managed on the eastern front with out americas help. Enough of the history lesson though. I HATE YOU AMERICA!!!

  42. Jon Says:

    I served along side Brits in Iraq and I must say they were far from usless. As a matter of fact hearing this from you makes me sick. All of the British troops I met over there never said a word of anything negative to me about anything. But then again they were actually doing something over there unlike you pussys sitting at home on your computers. I actually really liked working with the British and have nothing but respect for them. And the Netherlands LOL!!! you just need to sit back and shut the hell up like your country always has, just sit back and watch it’ll be ok.

    Ryan Preston go to Canada you should love it!

    Rebecca you ARE sobering and depressing I bet you voted for Obama right?

  43. Jon Says:

    P.S. Australia needs to get some of there own shows, guess they must not have any worth a shit if all you guys do is watch ours. And don’t hate so much it’s ugly and it makes you look jealous, thats not the case is it?.

  44. Jon Says:

    jelena my love, where is Serbia I can’t seem to find it on a map?

  45. some guy Says:

    Jon i only fucking well sit here at my computer because im to young to join the army and ill have you no i want to join the British army so shut the fuck up!! And what country are you from anyway?

  46. some guy Says:

    oh yeah america sorry.

  47. some guy Says:

    Ok i don’t hate america as much as i put across, i just hate the stereo type of an american and the people that are that stereo type. Saying i hate all americans is just plain racism and i am not a racist but i can’t be arsed to put anything else on this blog so hav fun.

  48. Davo Says:

    I love the USA USA USA …. Nickelback on the other hand are Canadian I think… as is Celine Dion!!!! Q.E.D. Canada sucks?

    • food109 Says:

      I am not Canadian but Canada is practically socialist and it is one of the happiest countries in the world.


  49. dan-e Says:

    Notice how typically dumbshit your average yankee retard is? Out of all of these posters I think we have only 1 intelligent american contributing. But that’s always been the case in america, and thats why intelligent POOR americans are without hope. You other dopey-assed morons scream USA! USA! USA!!, wave your little flags in the air while your own government gags your right to “free speech”, locks you in prison for smoking some pot or speaking out against them, and leaves you no future aside from either getting fat or joining the military in pointless wars which further oppress every poor man in resource-rich countries abroad. And you love them for it.

    Well I love them for sending you to fight, only to get horribly mauled by IED’s and torn apart by sniper fire in your self-righteous crusade for… hm, not sure? Er… preventing a few planes from crashing into a few buildings?

    You dumb fucks.

    Why is it that everyone hates americans again?

  50. Jon Says:

    Oh Dan throw another shrimp on the barbie and go beat your wife some more. Your obviously a liberal and everyone knows that your all about promotion of the poor, get on your pitty wagon and cruse that shit somewhere else. You make yourself sound stupid with this “Well I love them for sending you to fight, only to get horribly mauled by IED’s and torn apart by sniper fire ” Alot of fine ladies and gents have given there lives for this cause but thats all fine though I would expect it from someone who gives nothing to the world let alone your own country such as yourself. By the way we took the fight to them so it is not fought on our own soil. Ya thats called the smart thing to do stupid.

  51. Rebecca Says:

    Jon, I’m sorry but there are only 2 reasons we ‘took the fight to them’. the first is oil and the second ties directly into the first. the government wanted a foot hold in the region for the oil. It has nothing to do with our soil or theirs. Our government brought down the twin towers. Those buildings were a perfect example of large scale demolition. Look up Las Vegas casino demolition footage and then watch the twin towers. You will see. Its sickening. Maybe its just crazy conspiracy theory but too many truths are being hidden under lies and deceit. If we don’t figure our way out of the fog soon, it may be too late for our freedoms to remain tangible… even worse Jon, what are we really doing to the rest of the world? Step outside of the country for a second and look at the facts from a neutral foothold. Doesn’t everyone hate the neighbor with floodlights shining through every window of your house all night long? I bet the neighbor doesn’t think he’s causing an irritation for anyone. He doesn’t think. All he cares about is himself and his family, which is great but there are better ways to go about things than blasting everyone else with bright lights constantly. We can’t be that guy. Don’t be that guy Jon. That guy sucks.

  52. JIHAD JIHAD Says:

    yes i hate america AND I WILL NUKE THAT SHI T OF THE MAP FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO THE VIETNAMESE/IRAQ/ AFGAN innocent people i will do whatever it takes to awaken the sad sheep masses from their imbecile slumber and expose with what the true american govt. agenda is. THIS IS MY NEW GOAL IN LIFE .Besides the viet irak afgan i think they were involved in much more i mean ww1 and 2 and all the wars that have been going on . YOU can t defend american govt. no more they justify war, its a profit machine for they the elite. All they think about is profit. HUman life is nothing to them. Please wake up learn to grow ur own food i don t know

  53. dan-e Says:

    hahaha, quote “Jon”:
    [ Alot of fine ladies and gents have given there lives for this cause but thats all fine]

    Me: ? er… it’s a bad thing that their dead, and yet it’s all fine? hahaha

    You dumb fuck. For a start, what cause? Suckling on your governments anti-terrorism hate-speak? A few thousand americans died on 9/11. Over 100, 000 Iraqi CIVILIANS are now dead. Official militant death tolls are strangely ‘unknown’. Yeah, your country is doing the ‘smart’ thing alright, slaughtering tens of thousands civilians (including a few thousand of your own, for the sake of getting dumb fucks like you behind another greed-war) from afar while the rest of the world watches in disgust at the true downfall of a nation utterly reliant on cheap/stolen barrels of oil.

    You say I sound stupid? Well I can spell the word “cruise”, you can’t. You’re so up-to-date with the rest of the world that you tell me to “throw another shrimp on the barbie” hahahaha you back-world redneck, that was part of a tourism campaign over 25 FUCKING YEARS AGO, aimed at middle-class americans after Crocodile Dundee had success in america (god knows why, but people like you will watch anything I guess…). Don’t you have a rifle to polish or something? No fuck it, go and watch some TV – it’s obviously keeping you intelligent and up-to-date. It scares me that people like you are allowed to breed. I recommend joining the american armed forces, they love guys like you! Another passionate patriotic brainwashed middle-class boy to die in another oil-war.

    You represent every reason I am happy to watch americans die. And one day the war will be brought to your soil. The question is, who the fuck is going to defend you when half the planet would prefer you dead?

    Think about that the next time you salute a dead american soldier. (or should I say, “american terrorist”).

    • england forever!!! Says:

      shot the fuck up your govrnment planned 9/11 and they did it they killed you,while you dont even know i urge you go and watch the video “AMERICA IS LYING ABOUT 9/11” dont come here and speak nonsense that you dont even know

  54. shoshawna Says:

    thats why theres canada

  55. Rebecca Says:

    dan-e, just curious about something. Without insults or scorn, what is your discription of an american? I realize that this might be hard because you have such a low opinion; however, could you please express this in a civil manner for me? I’d rather have a conversation than a screaming match. For example, if I were to do the same about what the media here makes an Austrailian out to be (most certainly far from the truth) I would say easy going, likes beer, grills a lot (ha ha…), has a really cool accent, brawly, friendly, outdoorsy, educated, slightly wary of outsiders and reluctant to trust them into society… that’s about it. I’ve never met an austrailian, never been there and only see what’s on the TV. I’ve always wanted to go but it costs about 3,000 US dollars a person. I’d have to save for about 3 years. I’m just interested in the actual stereo types you have when you aren’t being prodded by an imbecile. Hopefully I’m not coming across as one.

  56. dan-e Says:

    Well I can’t describe an american, everyone is somewhat different. I have very different stereotypes between black, white, jewish & christian americans for example, and of course they are not identical within any demographic. But the general trend in sub-human qualities that cross most of these borders would have to include: Geographic ignorance of social/political trends anywhere outside of the american continent, especially outside of the ‘western’ nations, a chronically imbalanced sense of ethics/morals inside & outside your homeland (tainted by everything from US government propaganda to 7th-day adventist christian beliefs), a self-righteous belief in americans right to power/dominance & existence with a fundamentally ‘white-washed’ half-understanding of where you have come from historically including defining events in americas history (especially where the truth is ugly).
    These are not built-in flaws, they are symptomatic of the social climate in america. These trends pop up all the time throughout history (The Holy Crusades, Imperialism, Nazi Germany etc.) which is one reason I am so dispassionate with the modern american. This information is not an epiphanic moment of enlightenment; it’s on Wikipedia for f*cks sake. I just don’t understand how (the most part) of an entire nation of people can become so stubbornly ignorant of what is happening now & who they are & what they represent, especially given national misdeeds that have ocurred throughout the last 150 years (much less the last 30 years). There’s still americans dying of agent-orange for christ-sake; much less the 400,000 vietnamese civilians who took a coating of it, and their 500,000 malformed children. Don’t even get me started on napalm & flechettes. What the hell have americans learned from all this? Doesn’t seem like much at all…

    Fuck national pride, I don’t define myself by being an Australian, I define myself by what I have done, can and will do with my life. And I’m least interested in aiding those who are already on their feet when most of the worlds population is not. Doesn’t that make sense? I think that’s a reasonable expectation (requiremment even?) of somebody living in a post-industrial wealthy western nation. And I just don’t see that coming from most americans; I see the fattest people in the world, I see a fast-food tv-watching world-of-warcraft playing nation of do-nothinger’s. Sit around while your own administration plunders & murders the poor, destroys the environment, and sets YOU up for a fall (9/11, Vietnam, the prison system, Afghanistan, the credit crisis, pollution, soon-to-be pakistan, fast-food, fossil-fuel, nuclear weapons, cheap drugs) – the list goes on and on. And if you want to go back in time there’s a whole bunch more to talk about.

    That’s enough to make me want to get of my ass and do something about it. e.g. Why didn’t anyone ever take a shot at George W? I don’t understand that. They shot JFK; Bush is a lot worse. Sniper rifles can kill from 2kms’ away, and it’s not like american civilians are short of guns. Why didn’t anyone stand up to that usurping murderer and make an example of him? Think of what could have been saved; you’ve now lost more soldiers than people were killed in the 9/11 attacks, you’ve hardened many nations against you & used up plenty of goodwill, you’ve got an economic crisis, and you will NEVER succeed in Iraq and probably not in Afghanistan either. Nobody ever has; plenty have tried. And by not making an example of him you’ve set a dangerous politcal precedent that you are a nation who will potentially put up with another bumbling incompetent leader who was never legitimately elected in the first place. That’s scary. I’d give my life to prevent that, purely for the greater good.

    Perhaps I just can’t forgive those who don’t appreciate & use what they have; hence the whole deserving-of-death thing. What right does a person have to co-exist and take without giving? I think, none. And I see a whole lot of taking in americans, and not a lot of giving.

  57. Gus Says:

    I am not exactly proud to be an American at this exact point in history. However, I was born here, raised here, and it is my home. We do not have a choice to what nationality we were born into, so it is only human nature to defend our home. Anybody contributing to this blog would do the same where their home is concerned.

    One thing I can’t understand is why Rebecca cares so much what a few people around the world think of her as an American (And Rebecca, how ridiculous that you think our government brought down the twin towers). Our twin towers were brought down by the same hatred spouted by most of the bloggers contributing to the discussion. I wish people like you would get the hell out. The only disgust I have for people is for American’s like you.

    The fact is, if China were the world super-power, this blog would be about why you hate China. If Russia were the world super-power this blog would be about why you hate Russia. To say you hate all Americans is reallly ironic, considering you are guilty of the very thing this blog accusess most Americans of.

    This blog reminds me of the boss who only recognizes employees when they do something bad… sure America has messed up in the past 8 years. But what about the last 200 years? Here are some of America’s contributions to the world that should be noted:

    – Telegraph
    – Steamboat
    – First Oil Well drilled
    – Telephone
    – Phonograph
    – Light bulb
    – Gas powered car
    – Air conditioning
    – Flight
    – Television
    – Computer
    – Internet
    – Open heart surgery
    – Polio vaccine

    And much much more. If it weren’t for America you would be sitting in the dark (or by candle-light), and there would be no such thing as a TV, Computer, or Internet to give you the ability to globally communicate your hatred of America.

    Hate America, love America. It is what it is. If you live here, we have to make the best of it just like everybody else living in different parts of the world. If you don’t live here… why, continue to make your generalizations if you must. Was is not Hitler who hated based on generalizations that led to a world war? At the end of the day, we are human just like you are human. I will not apologize for being an American, nor will I give in to petty complaints (like our grammar and Matt Damon- for crying out loud the U.K. gave us Boy George).

    I did not personally make the choice to invade other countries… I did not go to war… I am not obese… and I am definitely not lazy. I have struck up some great conversations with intelligent open-minded people from all over the world who I call friend because we chose to get to know each other first without absurd generalizations.

    • food109 Says:

      you sound like a boss who takes all the credit for his employees the people who invented those things just happened to live in America.

  58. Gus Says:

    And regarding free health-care like the rest of the world, Rebecca… go to Canada to have a baby and compare your experience with that of an American hospital. I will gladly pay for health care out of pocket. There is something to be said of service and quality. You get what you pay for.

    • Chelsea Says:

      Gus – Canada has a lower maternal mortality rate than the United States. I’m glad you can and are willing to pay for it, but a lot of people in your country can’t and die as a result.

  59. dan-e Says:

    Gus – I am not trying to make open generalisations, if you look closely I have tried to qualify my statements where possible; and was invited to give a generalisation of external opinion of Americans, and I stated that I was giving opinion of ‘the general trend of sub-human qualities’, that is not to say that every american has them – but I haven’t encountered many that don’t. In fact, the only intelligent interaction I have had with americans has been on the internet – although you’re still looking at %95 dumbasses in this realm too.

    Regarding the twin towers & 9/11. Gus, the math doesn’t add up. Do you know how much money your government puts into homeland security & defence? Every minute of every day you have many fighter jets in the air just waiting for shit like that to go down. Why didn’t they act? The DoD is well aware of anti-american sentiment coming from nations they have, well, exploited – particularly those nations with a reputation for acts of terrorism. At the end of the day either your military or your leaders did one of two things:
    1. ‘Masterminded’ the attack / coverup / story.
    – or –
    2. Knew about it and just let it happen.

    Number 1 is just plain ugly, but certainly possible – read on. The best-case scenario for an american civilian is number 2; if they found out too late it would be a bit of a pain (and a political shit-storm) to take out multiple civilian aircraft, killing hundreds of innocents. But this would be a better outcome (from your point of view) than what actually happened, right? So what is a leader to do? USE it. Let it happen, even if more innocent people die, the blame is shifted away from the government. Furthermore the inevitable outcry from the oh-so-patriotic american people will make the perfect spark for a blaze of propaganda to fuel another CRITICAL war-for-oil. Remember two things: Without oil, america stops dead in it’s tracks and collapses. And secondly, this was multiple civilian aircraft hijacked by a bunch of international militants supposedly armed with plastic knives. Where’s the black-box camera footage? Why didn’t passengers simply overpower the dozen or so terrorists? Who’s to say these so-called terrorists were related to afghanistan at all? All we know is what’s been on TV, (fuzzy footage of a scruffy afghan proudling saying ‘it was meeeee!!!’ – shit if they had asked more than half the world they would have claimed responsibility) and god knows George W & your DoD aint exactly truthful.
    Anyway, thats a bit OT.

    Yes america has made seemingly useful contributions to the world; but you need to think good and hard about what your listed contributions have really given the human race. For a start, most of the worlds population still hasn’t even experienced these most of these advances. Oil is a non-renewable polluting energy source which is now keeping western society fatter and lazier than ever before. TV is the primary tool for government propaganda and keeping the population pacified. Open-heart surgery just keeps people alive for a bit longer than what should have been the natural term of their life. And just like the others I have mentioned, these technologies primarily serve the already well-served in the western world. This is very much a minority of the worlds population.

    In order to “feed” the beast of technological progress, america and the west in general conveniently ignore the troubles of the third world (even though we could solve most of them if the richest %10 of us donated %10 of our pay-packet). Not only are they ignored but often exploited for selfish purposes – look at some american foreign-policy, but have a bucket nearby because it might sicken you.

    I have no pride for my country, I don’t have an ego, all I see is people and judge them by their altruistic morals and ethics. I’m apalled by some of the history and current state of my country, and I learn from it – I don’t pretend to ‘accept’ it and roll with it. However, in comparison america is a hell-hole of silly, proud people who choose to ignore their history, and as we can clearly observe from outside america, still haven’t learnt much and aren’t bothered by that. What americans really need is perspective, and to understand that you are the same damn people as those you are killing and oppressing all over the world. You’re no better. In fact, the population at large is de-evolving into incredibly un-enlightened pacified creatures.

    I would say to have a fucking heart and stand up for the poor and oppressed. But sadly, you can’t even stand up to your own leaders. You could learn something from the average afghan or iraqi – head to guantanamo and ask around, you will be a changed person. Stay there for a year, and you will wish you were the one driving the plane into the towers.

  60. Sick of this Place Says:

    Well, I AM American and I hate America with a passion .its a racist, no culture, ignorant, greedy, corporate, arrogant, anti-male trash hole. I want out of this place so badly. I am becoming desperate, I mean i really hate this place seriously. I always have. I dont fit in this place because people are too ignorant. I am American but I am not american. I feel no connection to this place at all. I feel like a foreigner in my own country and I hate it. I wish and want someone to take me away from this horrid place. I have to put up with harassment and mistreatment daily. Its like living in some damn prison country. People are just so full of hate and greed. there is no art or culture. Nothing but corporate garbage. I really want to go away from this place but feel trapped. I feel like i have no freedom and I aam forced to live in fear of being killed either by the police or criminals. Its like being in old Russia. Everything about America I later learned in life is a lie. i have more opportunities abroad and I have made more friends abroad. People who are intelligent and believe in the value of giving as opposed to always taking.

  61. dan-e Says:

    Well SickOfthisPlace and Bex I can empathise, but I can’t tell you exactly what to do – you need to have & maintain the motivation to do what you need to do. Perhaps that is to escape the country, perhaps it is to change the people. It is a long and disheartening journey and there is much to be undone, but there’s no easy way around it. Everything lasts as long as it is ingrained for, and it can take generations to change – the question is – does it have to change?

    I think the pace of technological & scientific advance is utterly outstripping societies ability to cope with it; laws aren’t changing fast enough, social systems aren’t keeping pace, religion is still grasping at barely-relevant straws, authority is becoming more centralised and inherently more powerful and overbearing, the gap between rich and poor is greater than ever in human history, and we are killing the planet and all that inhabits it. Sometimes I think what would immediately be best (but impractical) is a massive decrease in human population on an evenly distributed ratio. But how is that possible? Convince people that they *don’t* have an inherent right to reproduce? I think the only practical response as an individual is to really think *objectively* and critically upon our actions/beliefs & their real consequences, then take real responsibility for said actions/thoughts, and be willing to promote this psychology wherever possible, with a final step in this cycle which is LEARNING. Learning more about what truly is the right way & wrong way and how best to make it happen. When learning stops, everything else is useless.

    This is called enlightenment. It often crosses borders of spirituality, religious beliefs, intelligence, morality and ultimately your everyday actions. There’s no book on it and no-one can teach you but yourself. What we have now is voluntary pacification & declination. I guess another way to look at it is whether or not you believe in fate? If you believe in fate, then it goes to say that one action begets the next. If you don’t believe in fate, then you inherently believe in free-will which results in the same equation. Action, reaction. The action part is the choice, the reaction part is what you learn from to better make future choices. Think about your actions and choose your fate or free-will. Thus determining the larger fate of all.

    Now perhaps you can see why I wish death upon those who choose not to critically analyse their actions or choose to refuse to learn & change. They seemingly aren’t deserving of life and it’s spoils.

    I think this could be the root of why many people dislike americans? They are largely perceived as being guilty of this.

    Man, this blog starting to get deeeeeeep. πŸ™‚

  62. American Proud Says:

    Know who I hate? Those damn Antarcticans! Here is a list of crap those damn Antartcicans have unleashed on the entire world!!

    1) PENQUINS! Always eating fish and waddling and stuff!
    2) Polar Bears. GOD I hate Polar Bears!
    3) Ice Burgs!

    Thats just a few things that make me hate Antarctica that I feel like writing about! hate hate hate hate hate blah blah blah hate hate BLAH.

  63. American Proud Says:

    Just thought I would liven the mood a bit. But,seriousely,everyone. I love my country. I hope you love yours too. I don’t like all of the MTV and celebrity worship either. I don’t like that my government is corrupt. I don’t like the fast food undustry. I don’t like how Wal Mart destroys small business. I don’t like that the police are abusive and send you to a hell hole just for smoking some pot. There are so many things that I don’t like about America. But those things are not the fabric of America. The bad aspects come with human nature, greed, and corruption. That is everywhere in the world. Not just my nation.

    America started as a dream. A few people not wanting to be governed by someone else across the ocean. A few people stood up for what they believed in and earned thier right to be thier own land. Some had guns but most of them faught with what they could find. Pitchforks,Shovels,Axes, even thier own two hands. Thier spirit, the American spirit, drove back the world’s super power of the time. As the saying went back then,”The sun never sets on the British Empire.”

    My country is beautiful. I wish you guys in the east would come and see it some time. The Rocky Mountains, The Grand Canyon, The Redwood Forest. I love this land and I will help defend it with my dying breath. I wish I could come and see your nations as well but I think I might be beaten to death over there for being an American.

    Yes, 9/11 shook us up. Times are strange and things are getting tough. But this is my home and I’m not going to abandon it just because we have hit some hard times. We the people will stand together with our burning American spirit and we will take back our beloved country.

    For the people. By the people.

  64. Annonymus1 Says:

    BTW american proud person umm… Polar bears do not live in antarctica you dumby. And I luv the english ancent hate the american acent and i am australian. I don’t hate Americans but seriously did you go to school.

  65. Iate america Says:

    America is a place where a lot of dumb people live unashamedly proud of themselves for being dumb@$$es. Racist and arrogant nation.

  66. human Says:

    really? do you really think you are better than any other? really? those of us that are searching are searching…those of us that judge are judging. hate breeds itself in your mind. hating ‘america’ is not helping your country or any other.

  67. GOD Says:

    Get along kids.

  68. Valerie Says:

    My husband and I are moving out of America soon and I’m glad to see it go, I’m sick of all the bullshit here. My husband served in the military and would gladly give the finger to them as we’re flying out of this hell hole.

  69. Uncle Sam Says:

    I am an American! HATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUUUAAAHHHHAAAHHHAAA!!!!!!!! I am the devil! (is that what you wanted to hear?)

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Actually the Romans pretty much taught the world about empire and conquest… It could actually be argued that the Roman Catholic Church taught the British…

  71. You're all a bunch of fucking idiots Says:

    Did any of you idiots go to school? Your collective lack of spelling and grammar skills and deplorable knowledge of history is….well, laughable-regardless of which country is unlucky enough to house you. I suppose this conversation should piss me off, but-considering the participants, it actually has been good for a laugh. Cheers.

    • food109 Says:

      If you aren’t going to say anything useful shut the fuck up.

    • eleanor Says:

      Well I have studied history. The history of the genocide of American Indians. The history of slavery of Africans and the stealing of their gold and diamonds. The history of what America did in Chile and South American countries. The fact that we have backed Israel who has in turn killed thousand upon thousands of Palestine children. The fact that we waged war in Iraq even though there were never weapons of mass destruction there. Do you have any clue how much blood is on American’s hands.

  72. olivia Says:

    ur stupid…why my chemical romance!? ur stupid

  73. backofthebluebus Says:

    hey…. twinkies are awesome.. that sweet fluffy dough with unnatural color and food dye with the fat in the middle that you know is going straight to your already fat ass because HEY! thats what americans love.. being fat pigs

  74. The Statement Says:

    My Lord!
    You people spout some serious shite!
    British and American alike!
    Britain needs to sort out it’s own society before it judges others.
    America needs to understand not everyone wants to live the way the USA does.
    Brittons do not all have horrible teeth and our food is not crap.
    Americans aren’t all fat racists and don’t just eat Cheez-in-a-Can.
    Britain does get nice weather.
    America gets rubbish weather.
    LONDON cannot be classed as Britain.
    NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES cannot be classed as America.
    Do not get sucked into these petty arguments, it demeans us all.

  75. trueangeleno Says:

    The computer you are using is and it’s software, windows or os-x. Thanks to Americans.

    The WordPress Blog you are using to hate on America with. Again, thanks to Americans.

    Your search engine, Google, Bing, Ask Jeeves. Thanks to Americans.

    Enough said.

  76. Daddy's girl Says:

    To all Europeans : If I could have one wish today it would be to go back into history before WWII and save all the beloved Jewish people of God , just as America has saved the dear sweet persecuted Iraqi people which were being murdered and tortured daily by the hundreds and thousands with no-one in this world to STOP their SUFFERING put to them by THEIR NASTY LEADER whom only CARED ABOUT HIMSELF KILLING HIS PEOPLE FOR LITTLE OR NO REASON BY THOUSANDS CHILDREN WOMEN AND MEN. No one but PRESIDENT BUSH CARED>>>>>>>>>>> ALL YOU UN -CARING EUROPEANS – I WISH AMERICA WOULD HAVE LET HITLER TAKE YOUR COUNTRIES OVER AND DESTROYED YOU COMPLETELY YOU UNGRATEFUL SPOIL DIRTY STINKING EUROPEAN BRATS!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE AMERICA BECAUSE IT CARES ABOUT THE THE ONES WHOM NO ONE WANTS TO DEAL WITH AND LISTEN here _ THAT IS THE WAY TO LOVE NOT HATE LIKE all YOU ARE ALL SPOUTING YOU FOREIGN BRATS ……..YOU ALL KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AMERICA EVEN THOSE TRAITORS WHO TALK AGAINST THEIR OWN COUNTRY >>>I FORGIVE YOU BECAUSE YOU MUST BE UNEDUCATED TO SPEAK LIKE THAT OR AN IMMIGRANT. Sorry you are going…….don’t let the door hit you in the ass good riddance. AS for the rest of you people filled with all this hate and anger never holiday in AMERICA ( even though our friendly culture would forgive and forget ) PLEASE GET SOME SERIOUS THERAPY. You really need some help with your anger and hate problems. Thank you for the opportunity for conversation……………………………………………………………………………………………Rene’ Daddy’s Girl from AMERICA the GREAT

    • england forever!!! Says:

      dont talk about history or past we are talking about future what has happened before would never happen again

  77. proud american Says:

    America is the greatest country in the world. All you fucking euros would be speaking german if it wasnt for US. And british people, go see how about opening a dentist office somewhere in that shithole. We have an awful president and we are still the best. Peace assholes…..oh and soccer fucking sucks

    • food109 Says:

      if the u.s. was the greatest country in the world it would be Communist/socialist for god sake only 5% of America is middle class and it is the richest 7th richest country in the world. All these corporate fat cats are only made richer by the corrupt capitalist government and yes I am a communist.

      communism forever

      • england forever!!! Says:

        you crazy proud american funny haha so you are proud that you are an american.Are you not even ashamed to say that you are an american are you not even shy hahahahaaa

  78. food109 Says:

    I am an American and even i hate america

  79. B_Z Says:

    Hi there,
    maybe you’re right, there are many things that you don’t like in your country, but you have a great thing that you should be proud of. “Freedom”
    I am a Christian and I’v changed my religion from Islam to Christianity 10 years ago in an Islamic country. And you don’t have any Idea what does it mean. And how dangerous is it. And how stupid and ignorant are Muslims.
    I am as a refugee seeker in Turkey now. About 99 % of the population is Muslim. And if people in here know that I was a Muslim and I’ve changed my religion to Christianity they would lynching me, as they killed so many Priest in Istanbul and set one of my Christian refugee friend’s house on fire because of his belief.
    I don’t want to bother you with my long story.
    You should be proud of your country, because there is freedom.
    I should say god bless America!
    I would love to live in such a magnificent country.
    P.s. Please excuse my poor English.

    • eleanor Says:

      No my friend you are fooled to think there is freedom. There is only freedom to do all the sins. If you stand up for yourself in America or your beliefs you will find yourself an enemy of the government. And we all knows what happens to enemies of America.

      • england forever!!! Says:

        the whole europe are going to attack america and you cant do anything you think you are the strongest country you are not!! i never liked america i have hated america all my life I HATE aMERICA

  80. jimbo Says:

    America is in ruins..thanks bush..hope u die soon!

  81. eleanor Says:

    The reasons I hate America. I am American by the way. 1. The human rights violations of American Indians, Africans, South Americans, Iraqis, Afghans, and anyone who stands against them. 2.The corruption of CPS who it you go on the net you will find are stealing babies from the poor and selling them. 3.Hypocrisy of christian priests, who get the tithes and offerings of their poor congregation to buy a new home and drive a fancy car. Then those same priest rape children and watch porn. 4.The lies of the media, that is either busy showing you the million items you should buy or making you fear poor countries that maybe terrorists. 5.The abandonment of God’s laws for man’s laws-sure go ahead and have sex outside of marriage, drink all you want, abort babies, have homosexual relationships, gamble, commit adultery, steal, kill, and covet-because God is merciful and we are America. America makes me sick sick sick

  82. Delta 6 Says:

    Way to make yourself stand out, Eleanor. Who gives a shit about slavery anymore besides radical black people? That shit’s in the past. Get over it. I know a few Natives, and the few that I know like America just fine. Afghanis and Iraqis have already proven themselves untrustworthy in more than one way. How the fuck do the South Americans play into this all? Another thing: all those Catholic priests would NOT be raping little boys if they were allowed to marry. Did that logic ever get through your mind? Personally, I’m against two big categories here in the U.S.–the corrupt and immoral government, and the celebrity worship. WTF?!?!?!?!? I also see you bring up ‘the abandonment of God’s laws.’ How is THAT relevant to anything here? Unless you are a radical religious nut, I don’t see how sex outside of marriage, porn, gay people, and the rest of your list, makes America the worst country ever. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a steady girlfriend for the past few years, and yes, we fool around, does that doom me to hell??? As for porn–like I said above, I have a girlfriend, I don’t have a need for porn, never had an interest for it. I also believe that gays should get their wish…just don’t get married in my backyard. Even if they had a sex-ed class, I believe that women should have the ‘choice.’ But adulterists, murderers, and thieves should all be shot point blank. Btw…jealousy is a natural human feeling. I can tell, just from the list you made, that you are a non-violent religious extremist. Well, my personal answer to that is simple: Go to hell, and find solitary confinement. If you’re not sure how to get there, I’d be more than happy to show you the way. Happy travels!

    Oh I forgot to ask, how old are you??? And what country did you move to? A place with no influence on the world, with no rights for the people?

    Rebecca, good job, but don’t be so negative. Daddy’s Girl, Jon, and Proud, keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

    As for YOU, Mr. Food109, look at all the countries that have decided Communism was the best way to go, and then look at what happened to them? Communism fails worse than Obama’s Socialism. I am ashamed that a shitbag such as yourself walks on the same soil I do. Go to Russia if you want Communism, see if those unorganized bastards have a use for you, bitch. Communism is a self-destructive form of government in which the people who have the guns win. I suppose, since you’re from here, maybe you own a few? If you do, are they shitty, worthless, unprofessional peices of shit, like Kalshnikovs, SKSs, and Mosin Nagants? Jesus Christ…I should pay you a visit, and give you a lesson in weapinry before I send you on your way off to Russia. Democracy is truth. Communism is death.

    Ahh! For Dan-e! You’ve put up some interesting arguments…I’m not exactly happy with some of this country either, but I don’t see the point in hating us to our wrotten core. Yeah, sure, there’ll be corrupt gov’t officials in any country, but there’s a lot here, I know more than average. I know plenty of good people here, most of them have farmed out in the country and made food for themselves, but that’s beside the point since I know a few desk job engineers that make just as good as a living. Now, I’ve noticed that a few people base their hate of this country on completely irrelevant things, like the fast food plague, TV, even accents??? WTF??? You sound smart enough, I read that people think that the American accent sounds really annoying, well, my first question would be which one? The Boston accent, the Texas accent, the Southern accent, or the extreme Northern accent? Then I would say, “Well, I could say the same damn thing about the Australian and English accents, too, you know…” To me, personally, both sound rather stuck-up and fake, but that’s just me. Then I would say that people who base their hate of America on accents are just plain ignorant of real-life issues. I wanna hear your reply, if you have one. If not…that’s ok too. I won’t go off on you like that extreme radical religious nutjob up there, or that pitiful Communist bastard, either, you seem smart. Now, I read above that you also have no pride for Australia? I’m curious, what has brought this on? I also noticed that you pointed out the CC-156’s prototype railgun. So? Do you honestly think the Navy is ever going to actually fire such a thing, unless, say, China invades? The cost of a single round would probably put the DoD back a few million. Now I have an honest question for you: D you, as an Australian citizen, think that the concept of personal firearm ownership should be made illegal?

    Btw…I’m not fat. I am 24 years old, I’m a guy, and I weigh about 175 pounds. Fat? I think not! But classify it how you will, I’d meet with you in person if I could.

    Like The Statement said above, I think Britain needs to unfuck it’s own society before ripping on America, and I think that all the corrupt politicians here in America need to be fired and locked up. If, by chance, a good and reliable politician ever comes along, let him stay in office until he can’t serve anymore. Australia, I’m not sure about…I don’t know enough about the Australian government to present a solid argument against it.

    And for you, SickOfThisPlace, either man up and buy a weapon to defend yourself with, or move out of the goddamn ghetto. It’s that simple.

    I am awaiting your replies. If you’re just going to go off on an illplanned, un-though-through threat rampage, don’t bother, I’ve been there and done that with people like you and have the perfect replies. But, If you have an intelligent argument, bring it up. I wanna hear it.

  83. Delta 6 Says:

    Oops. I meant ‘un-thought-through’ in the last paragraph, ‘Do’ in the Dan-e paragraph, and ‘weaponry’ in the Food109 paragraph. Typing errors. I suppose a few of you will use my tyoing errors as a reason to say my IQ is about 3 or 4? Well, read my post and think again, bitches.

  84. Delta 6 Says:

    Fuck. ‘Typing’ in the last one.

  85. Fuctheus Says:

    The usA is a total sack of shit and I want to be exiled from the usa it blows the president is a retard that wouldn’t know green from blue. Some one should nuke america all of it ans start over

  86. Anonymous Says:

    People from othet regions born in america becom
    e whatever the fuck they were americans like a womam getting married but keeping her last name

  87. Anonymous Says:

    I think its fucking hilarious that you dumb shits think every Americans are rednecks or criticize by saying we were built upon slavery… so was almost every European nation, and you cant even say this without using American insults, hahaha anorexic bastards…

  88. Foster Says:

    Ok to the retard who is making fun of America for 9/11, SHUT UP!!!! I don’t give a damn if you hate America the fact remains that Millions of people died in that attack and not all of them were American, The world trade center held employees from several different countries and the Pentagon had diplomats from other countries in it too, so as an American who understands the flaws of my country, Shut Up you complete Idiot until you know the whole facts, the world isn’t perfect the Atomic Bombs were dropped and we did provide humanitarian relief for the Japanese after they surrendered so how about this grow a damn brain and a sense of actual compassion, and I don’t give a damn if you still hate America after, and take into fact that Millions of innocent human beings died in that attack just trying to have a job and provide for their families so they could provide for their families and in the Bible, guess what dumb ass, we all face judgment day eventually so stop being a heartless ass hole and have compassion for all humanity because all of humanity is at fault because guess what else stupid America was founded in the 1700’s, war was going on way before we got here, all we did was adapt to it so we could survive too, same as every other nation in the world! So you know what take all that into consideration! And God bless America and God bless the Whole World!! because we are all his creations

  89. Benjamin Says:

    America is a shithole ran by over confident f*cking idiots. Obama, for example, won by popularity due to the white minority. It is not racism, just statistics. Places like New York and California need to be nuked and I hope someday, just someday, the entire American race can be wiped off the face of the earth, forgotten and never dug up from their graves.

    All in all, it should of never of been discovered.

  90. yesiwentthere Says:

    HAHAHA Barney the Dinosaur? really? what about Tellytubbies or Thomas the fucking train?

  91. Foster Says:

    You know what’s really really funny according to the history I know of WW1 and WW2 if it wasn’t for America jumping in England (and her empire at the time), France, and pretty much every country in Europe wouldn’t be around to dis America like all of you are trying to do because Germany would own you right now so before you insult us just think you wouldn’t be around as a British or French or whatever person you’d all be German if it wasn’t for AMERICA!!!! And how come no one is picking up on atleast America can win a war I mean come on France grow some balls and win a damn war for cryin out loud the last guy to have any success with you in war got his damn dick cut off before he died and England plain and simple we kicked your ass for our freedom and really really bailed your ass out a lot in WW2, oh and one more thing France how would Vietnam have gone for you if it wasn’t for us cause remember we saved your asses at Dien Bien Phu

    • Someone out There Says:

      I agree. It’s funny; America is the great melting pot of the world. We have immigrants from everywhere; we’re a wild mix breed. By insulting America and its culture, it’s insulting other countries too. I don’t curse and I don’t believe in using words substituted for stupid with other meanings. I don’t want to say America’s the best, but it’s a great country. We’re the country looking at the mistakes of others and said “Hey, let’s make our own country.” So, we did. We took the idea of voting from Greece, and made democracy. We took the idea of hiding with nature for war from Native Americans and made Guerrilla Warfare. We made our own rules, gave people freedom. We trusted in God. Did we mess up at times? Yeah, but who hasn’t? We realize our mistakes and go on. We use our minds to create things like the Internet. We ARE NOT lazy people who have never seen daylight. We go out and play. You can’t judge a whole country for things. Can you blame the Germans for the Holocaust? No. Can you blame China for communism? No. A country is filled with 1000’s of people, with thousands of opinions. The USA beat England, the biggest navy, with just townspeople. It’s amazing to be a part of so much history. I know, slavery, women’s rights, Native Americans, but who are we to judge? I’m not even a high schooler yet, and I know this.
      The US is like the teenager of the world. In a way, we don’t care what others think, and rebel. We make mistakes. But we also try new things, and learn.

  92. reincarnation Says:

    i hate america so much, what people should know is america is only fun for the people it was built for.
    the rest of us endear smear campaigns all over the internet about our ethnicity especially if your black. we are not ired for jobs. we don’t own businesses, and judges do sentencing ten to twenty years tougher on people who are not “real” americans.
    i want out this hell hole now!!!!! I am trying my damndest to move to Barbados where i fit in and don’t get treated like a bottom totem pole where people sneer at me and clutch their purses. I get treated like that and i am a girl who is 5’5 and 120 pounds i can only imagine what the men go through.
    p.s. i didn’t capitalize america on purpose because it’s not worthy so don’t even tell me about my punctuation.
    amerikka I HATE YOU!

  93. Benjamin Says:

    Hey, Americans. Fuck you.

  94. americanidiots Says:

    I’m going to terrorize America, who wants to join me? It will be done, I promise.

    people of the world! Lets destroy America!!! It’s not impossible. China, Russia, and other countries that have nuke must work together to destroy the Americans,

  95. americanidiots Says:


    • An american Says:

      Britain didn’t pay us for anything for war expenses you damned idiot. We finished up with north Korea and decided to let the demonic country who tried to take any land in sight keep their own language. You Brits really piss me off

  96. Evil Says:

    American Marines attacking Iraq to get their oil is the cause of terrorism.

  97. Chelsea Says:

    I am not American, don’t particlarly like American policies… but hating all people from an entire country, that’s ridiculous. If you are that full of hate as to decide to hate 300 million people you’ve never even met, your life is going to be a sad and angry one.
    Also, blaming America for the the obesity rate in Britain is lame. You can’t pin the actions of people in your country on Americans.
    It would be really easy to blame Britain for a lot of the world’s problems (including all of Africa’s re: colonization), destruction of indigenous cultures around the world including in America, the spread of ignorant Christianity, bad teeth, the “royal wedding” bull shit…
    Maybe we should all just start hating on the systems of government we have which don’t ascribe to proportional representation of what people want or think is right but can act via loopholes and stonewalling. Though if we were to go by the responses to this blog perhaps the majority of people are filled with hate, judgement and anger and would want a government which acts accordingly.

  98. whipping boy Says:

    Hmmmmmm. The united states of norman bates. The so called american people are moronic scum. Consider this. A rich man can use the slimy american creeps to destroy your lives. Any of you. The american trash can easily be bribed to stalk you, to commit any number of crimes against you if the price is right. So they are greedy, selfish and immoral sleaze bags. What if they can’t be bribed or bought? (yeah right). If they can’t be bribed or bought (as if) then they can be CONNED. They can be told lies about you. A skilled con artist and especially one with falsified evidence about you could CONvince the american dirt bags to stalk or commit crimes against you based on lies told about you. They could be conned into believing you are a bad and evil menace to society and you deserve to be abused. So they are moronic, gullible and unprincipled idiots. Even if someone did deserve it, that wouldn’t give the american trash any right to step outside of the legal system and break the law in turn. I’m sure you could find many american trash bags who would like to dispute that. If they couldn’t be bribed or conned then they could be coerced. They could be blackmailed or threatened into stalking you or committing crimes against you. The americans are cowardly scum who have no honor or empathy. They are evil and selfish self centered pieces of red, white and blue rubbish. A rich man could use them to attack and destroy any one of you with bribery, deception or coercion. So much for the defenders of freedom. One could argue that such is the case anywhere else in the world. I’m in america. NOT anywhere else. Thus such an argument would be irrelevant to me. The americans can all be bought. It was an american that told me “trust no one”. Guess what he later ended up being like? The so called americans are scum.

  99. Benjamin Says:

    Burn in hell, Obama. Burn.

  100. Iagree Says:

    I have to agree I hate America as well. You think you are free? Think again when they can tel you what to do with your property like how many pets or of what kind and yes some cities do this, or how many cars you can have, or where you have to live, or how you should conduct your life my friends wake up this is not freedom we live in a oppressed America. Or how about this you run a (yellow) light its the cops word against yours you can’t pay because you don’t have the money because you have bills thats right imagine bills! Ok you offer to work it off but they have too many people already working so now you licence is suspended you can’t go to work legally, or to the store, or anything by car because driving is a privillage not a right! Who the hell made that up. You think your free Americans? Think again! One more thing you think its bad in Mexico? Well its really not they don’t want our stupid land…they want the money they can make working over here so they can go home to their peaceful simple country and live out the rest of their lives comfortably. Yeah think again Americans! Get your heads out of you know where and start fixing this country which is almost beyond repair!

  101. Benjamin Says:

    I will gladly die for this country. America is the greatest thing in the world. We are free unlike ever other country. USA USA USA USA LONG LIVE THE USA!

  102. Benjaminay7 Says:

    He lies. He’s using my name. You sir, are truely an American. Aka a complete dumbass.

  103. Benjamin Says:

    Who is Benjaminay7? I am a true American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. An American Says:

    You know what? 95% of you damned foreigners on this site are just stupid, to say the least. most of you commenting are grown men and women. I am a 16 year old, and it appears I am twice as mature as you guys. Hating the united states government, because of what it has done is one thing, but you can’t simple make the exaggeration that all Americans are unintelligent and obese. As far as I’m concerned, we are criticized for attacking where we shouldn’t have. But look at the British. I seem to remember you killing most native americans, as well as enslaving Africans, and don’t forget nearly wiping out all aborigines in Australia. Every country has it’s ups and downs, but it is your superior attitude and arian personalities that cause you guys to be hypocritical of a country that has had a great deal of success. Britain is a great country, so is the USA. So for those of you Brits who still don’t believe the revolutionary war and the war of 1812, is over, remember who bailed you lame military out of world war 1 and 2. Your being hypocritical, get over yourselves and realize that there are other great countries out there.

  105. Benjamin Says:


  106. ray jay Says:

    HEY. don’t blame us for this shit. the world was fucked up WAY before we got here.

  107. Charles Darwin Says:

    It’s evolution, mother fucker. America will steal your house and fuck your sister because it can. Don’t fight it. Its nature, Don’t be a sore loser because America won independence and all you’ve got is Jeremy Clarkson’s face.

  108. Name Says:


  109. Anonymous Says:

    I am…unfortunately…an american. I am 43 and I served in the Marine Corps for 9 years so I can say what I say from experience. america sucks. We are fat and stupid. It is a country of whiny idiots. We deserve to be crushed. I am actually hoping that we go into a massive depression and there is rioting and looting so I can go wild and shoot the balls off of anyone I choose. Just because. I would love to move to Europe or Canada but why would they want a american piece of shit? They don’t b/c I would be taking a job from one of their decent people. Sucks. Fuck america….shithole fucking scumbag greedy prick fat-ass dumb fucks.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    Countries are artificial constructions of whoever conquers the land.

    Scientifically, everyone is originally an immigrant from the same place…East Africa (L3 Haplogroup). About 100,000 years ago we came out and started to settle in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

    Why should we be so hateful towards each other just because we happen to be born in a different place and speak with a different accent/language? Besides…we’re all related anyway.

  111. :P Says:

    Actually i hate america for polluting the planet (Green*** for the rescue!) and turning 1/4 of the world obese.

  112. Anonymous Says:

    Are you crazy…

  113. Adidas F50 Says:

    I would love to move to Europe or Canada but why would they want a american piece of shit? They don’t b/c I would be taking a job from one of their decent people.

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  115. dsme Says:

    When Americans smile or laugh it seems evil even if they are smiling to be nice or laughing at something innocent. There is always a look of Satan behind their smiles.

  116. The Diligent Dragon Says:

    Wow! It’s nice to see that stupidity is alive and well in the rest of the world as well. Thank you for creating this blog to clear that up for me. BTW: Tell the Queen I said she was good, but I still prefer prefer younger chicks. She is about 200 years outdated. Kind of like the American government.

    You know, I have no love for our government here, but that is not to say I hate my country. Personally, I think we could learn a few things from Europe. What you don’t seem to realize is that American people hate war. Every time one breaks out, all I hear around here is pissing and moaning about it.

    Your problem is not with Americans. Your problem is intolerance! Which is far worse than anything you have listed. Americans love their freedom. That is one of the reasons we, as you Brits like to say, “police the world”. If we let hostile countries take over other countries, it only makes their resources more vast and harder to defend against. If we sit back and do nothing, how long do you think it will be before they are at our front door to collect? Also, we have stolen nothing from the countries we are occupying. We could take the whole damn country as a spoil if we chose to. (It would certainly make gas prices cheaper.) But we choose not to, and that is what defines us. Those who CAN make a difference, have a responsibility TO make a difference. Or would you prefer we sit back and watch you lose everything you love if it happens to you?

    You call us a country of inbred rednecks, but here is food for thought. 1. Most of us have guns. 2. We have already whupped your sorry British asses once with garden and farming tools. So what does that say about you and yours? Apparently we are smarter than you think.

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  121. jules naudet Says:

    This is exactly why europeans and their muslim fanatics were behind 9/11—namely France and the press missed it.

    But that is OK.

    French banks are only solvent on paper.
    Corzine funneled money to the French in exchange for some nice accomadations, but that money is just to cover the euro debt—not the missing money that the French stole from French banks.

    Jules and Gedeon Naudet come from Papa Naudet who is a Marx spouting French communist who had strong ties to Jacquet Chirac.
    Chirac spent WWII in New York handing out Marx fliers.

    We have film of the Naudets in the gaza strip with Hezbollah in 1999, we have photos of Mr. James Harmon with one of the flight 93 hijackers. We have, from a German tourist Gedeon and Muhammad Atta on the Hoover dam–chatting like old pals.

    Gedeon is running around New York now, particularly in the jewish circles not bothering to tell one of his jewish associates that his friends in Hezbollah outnumber the number of stars in the Orion’s belt.

    But it is our British friends who have let us down the most in the French masterminded hit on 9/11. They lied to us that Atta was an only child when 3 of his siblings live in London.

    They lied to us about the connection between the Iraqi banks and money to ATTA. We invaded and got the papers before them.
    We had people there before the city was taken.

    We got the plan that they practices 9/11 in (see BBC archival footage of the brit press making fun of the US military racing pass ammo dumps to secure a plane in the middle of the desert); and we got dna from the plane that was used. The surrounding sand was littered with bullets in the sand. Bullets are easily traceable.

    The muslim man who worked at the BBC and took footage of Osama in London in 1998 is now the editor of Al Jazeera and he was dumb enough to show the beads Osama gave him on a PBS interview with a knowing grin. That was a bonanza because the beads given to the hijackers on 9/11 were made by the same person, so it was easy to follow him receiving and edting all of Osama’s tapes in Al Jazeera on Osama’s behalf for years; but the bottom line is that we had to bug our brit allies to find out that they
    knew all along what a bud this Al Jazeera editor was to Osama.
    Al Jazeera was Osama’s editor and the Brits knew it and didn’t tell us. We had to bug our own allies by accident to know how badly the brits were fucking us as badly as the french always try to.

    We suspected, but they knew.

    Now, Tony Blair, very anti-war no doubt knew all of this and no doubt he sided with the US just to keep the US in Nato. He kept quiet about the French because Americans already hate the french and would bomb them WITHOUt a reason–let alone hiring 20 guys to commit mass murder on US soil. And while I admire his ability to let himself be villified to save his european project; it was bad planning on his part to assume that weak, feckless, welfare state europe had a better chance of survival than America.

    But the bottom line is that France had a chance to stop the bullshit of attacking the US and letting the little paranoid-pot-progressives blame the CIA for 9/11 and just be quiet. But they can’t.

    Anonymous isn’t anonymous. It’s berkley, cambridge, NYU, and San FRan ST U/ We know that. Sorros funds them for that reason.
    Because Sorros IS NOT a jew. He is an ex nazi who took a dead jews identity to start his new little life.
    His goal is to destroy Israel and the US,

    the internet says that Hitler’s descendents, of his nephew are all gone and that none had children.

    That is a lie. All of them have children and one teaches at
    a very prestigious university on the east coast. He gave himself a jewish sounding name to stay under the radar; but German jews who changed their names to make them ore american or more german to not get beat up–aren’t thrown off by idiots on the left which rename their cause every 2 seconds.

    Anonymous is heavily backed by france financially, the same faces that stalked the towers pre 911 calling themselves “anti-globalists” are now renaming themselves “occupy wall streeters” like no one in the CIA or US businesses has face recognition software, and it’s getting tedious.

    Bottom line, we in ex members of the soviet division dealt with the very best long ago in the KGB and we know how to lie in wait and wait for people to out themselves. We know have a bonanza of people to target as hackers simply because they can’t stay off of tv spouting off in the occupy wall street protests that once stalked the towers and were called “anti-globalist” rallies.

    But it’s time to fire back. Europe called in all of their loans all in ONE day to impale the US economy to get a Democrat into office so that they could funnel money from the US to Europe. And corzine robbed the US of a billion to back up french banks in exchange for a villa. Progressives ARE that stupid, but those of us who are independents—were never dumb enough to trust europe.

    That works with the left always high on pot. But, for those of us who dealt with the real KGB who had enough smarts not to mass murder US citizens on us soil–the BALLS of this europe, which is insolvent from France to Itay–continuously causing Americans financial pain because they’ve made Marx their religion–is just too tedious to tolerate anymore.

    So, the French finance 9/11 using Iraqi banks and practice for it in the desert of Iraq, they do a financial 9/11 to get a dumb dem
    in the white house because the left is so high all the time; that they “forgot” that they were filmed every night on the nightly news at anti-globalist rallies—and now we have France destabilizing the entire middle east by convincing our very dumb president to go to another war in Libya.

    There’s nothing else to do but tell everyone to take all of their money out of french banks and watch europe burn.

    Europe will be an islamic hell hole with nukes in 20 years and we’ll be at war with them anyway.

    Blair tried his best, but he bet on europe.

    Americans play dumb very well. It makes euros feel better about themselves and we liked them once. Not any more.
    They are just too bad at lying to be tolerated anymore.

    god I miss the russians as an enemy. The Russians never outsourced their murderers beyond Bulgaria. They never mass murdered children by flying planes into buildings.

    From all of us at the former Soviet Division of Germany whose job it was to follow you KGB guys. We miss you.

    We’d give anythng to go back to the days when the Brits told us which Frenchman was fucking us and where the Russians were planning to attack next in intel.

    Anything. The good old days when the brits shined as the people always on top of things; instead of always lying to us.

    To the UK of old. What happened to YOu?

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  125. Anonymous Says:

    i like how they say americans have yellow teeth.. “What is true, however, is that many British people (Scots, Welsh, some Irish, & English!) have a deeply ingrained hostility to teeth straightening, whitening, & “cosmetic” dentistry in general.” most english people have crooked ass teeth… its a fact. you all think you are soo tough. its a 100 percent fact we are the leading military power in the world. every knows that, its common knowledge. so go drink your tea, skip out on brushing your teeth, and shut the fuck up. btw..

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  128. franklin Says:

    america is a shit hole because americans are shit.

    the only purpose for an american life is to screw over another person.

  129. Anonymous Says:

    i hate verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much america

  130. Patriot Says:

    How many AMERICAN soldiers are burried in your soil so you dan’t have to speak German today? My great grandfather was one of them. Ungrateful Moron.
    BTW….. I dont eat Mcdonald’s.

  131. America hater Says:

    I am an Aussie and I agree with you strongly. America has introduced all the WORST things into the world! I have read Australian hate blog and they were so harsh! That horrible person has probably never met an Aussie that stupid cunt! Anyway, as I was saying, I wish America could give the world something good!

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  135. Aaqib, Don't Touch Me! Says:


  136. PeaceonEarth Says:

    Calm down guys, okay? Yes America has really crappy parts, but so does Britain, and practically every country. Not all Americans are fat and lazy, and not everyone eats McDonald’s and smokes and blames other countries for their troubles. Stop hating on countries. The world isn’t perfect. Stop being so mean and quit with those stereotypes. Not all British people have crooked teeth and drink tea, and not every American person has a huge belly from beer and fast food and clings to guns. both countries could be perfectly happy, but are filled with people like you guys(not all of you) that feed on hate and jealousy. Instead of hating on other countries, why don’t you help your country with community service or something. Less than one fourth of these comments aren’t based on hate. Yes, America has done horrible things such as slavery, genocide, and dropping atomic bombs, but hasn’t practically every country done something wrong? For God’s sake, you invented the machine gun! I’m not hating on Britain, it is a great country; but I’m just saying that you guys need to relax and maybe wonder why the world is so full of hatred. It’s because of people like you that thrive on mistakes instead of the good things.

  137. Martin Says:

    Some things I particularly hate about America: Jazz, Dixieland, Country-Western music, Hip-hop, R&B, Gospel Music (particularly when sung by fat Black women), Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, California, Texas, Hawaii, Alabama, New York, George, Louisiana, the other states, freeways, clunky old Amtrak trains, TV commercials that interrupt a program every five minutes, radio talk shows, reality programs, Disneyland, Presidents Clinton, Obama, Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Kennedy, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., stupid military cadence marches, Tom Cruise, homelessness, Las Vegas, legalized pot in Colorado, internet porn, too much religion particularly Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Scientology, Mormonism, Satanism, Buddhism, blonde girls/black guy couples, white guy/Asian girl couples, rodeos, football, baseball, basketball, rednecks, mudding, snake handlers, poverty, Creationism, fat people, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, rednecks again, shoddy American cars that kill people, invading countries, mistreatment of children, mistreament of old people, draconian legal system, torture, execution, out of control crime. That’s all I can think of just on the spur of the moment.

  138. Martin Says:

    Oh I forgot crooked scumbag politicians, greedy corporate bastards, stupid passive workers who put up with mistreatment, stupid redneck soldiers who torture people, CIA, FBI, NSA, Google, Facebook, data centers, snooping, wiretapping, surveillance cameras, most cops, IRS.

  139. Martin Says:

    P.P.S. I mentioned soldiers, but I only hate the ones who torture people. I deeply respect good soldiers who are willing to fight for our freedoms!!!

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