I hate plaid


Plaid party

You’re not a lumberjack. You’re not a cowboy. You’re not in a grunge band from 1991. Stop it.



12 Responses to “I hate plaid”

  1. ste Says:

    then your gonna love

    Sinden & Prancehall’s lumberjack shirt party!!!Featuring:
    Native Bristol
    Fri 4st Apr
    i was gonna go but if there is a chance of you going postal i might leave it.

  2. Ricky Razzle Says:

    Wax jackets are compatible with all lifestyles. Labradors are the new bull-terriers.

    Dick Dazzler

  3. Sweaty Bitch Says:


  4. dikkkkk Says:

    BORING TWEE EX HARDCORE PRICKS WHO COME TO PARTIES BUT DON’T LIKE DANCE MUSIC SO STAND AROUND BEING BORING TAKING PHOTOS and then editing them so only the hot ones turn up on flickr. then the next day they comment each other about how supercute they look

  5. paul Says:

    what about scotts? Can they not wear it?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    lets burn all the plaid

  7. Le Fist Says:

    Oh, it looks like I’m not alone in my plaid hate.
    Le Fist

  8. Yo Mama Says:

    Since when does plaid equate to manliness? Fuck that shit. Fuck plaid.

  9. McCawkins aka Sir Cawkins Says:

    PLaid sucks cock

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  12. Newton Vina Says:

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