I hate Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne

I hate Avril Lavigne for the following reasons: she makes music that sounds like a sewer rat being strangled by an alley cat behind a Blink 182 gig, she has one of the world’s most punchable faces, she has pink streaks in her hair (which could never look good on anyone, nevermind her), she wears ties with T-shirts and she replaces letters with numbers (“Sk8er Boi”).

So, there we have it. These are enough reasons for me and anyone with an ounce of sense to hate her. Yes? Case closed. Not so quickly…

I would just like to add these quotes from Avril in case you found yourself running to the little greaseball pussface’s defense:

  • “It’s important to be thankful even if you’re poor. I mean, come on, we all have clean water – well ok, not the people in the developing world but you know what I mean.”
  • “I am a very giving person. When the hurricane thing happened (New Orleans, Aug 2005) I went to my closet, filled 6 boxes of stuff and said to my assistant, “Here. Take it to Katrina.”
  • “I also like to give stuff to people who are my ‘workers’, especially if they don’t make much money.”
  • “When I go to the party I am the party. I’m the girl doing shots, jumping on tables, screaming and getting wasted. When I say get wasted I don’t mean go crazy. Everything in moderation.”
  • “Selling 24 million records hasn’t really affected me, but it has changed certain things. I can’t walk into a room without everybody staring, I can only eat in certain restaurants where I know I won’t get hassled but it’s ok. I was born to do this.”

65 Responses to “I hate Avril Lavigne”

  1. tardischild Says:

    She does have the most punchable face, I agree. And the tie thing? Why doesn’t she hang herself with it.

  2. doris Says:

    ngah! what a contemptible little witch.

    i still would though.

  3. kungfukickyou Says:

    she’s the best ever dudes and duddettess and stuff. word it iz in the house of skillz portrayed garganchuin spores defeat you.

  4. Poppy Says:

    “Hi, yeah, this is Avril Lavigne’s answerphone. Leave me a message if you’re cool/emo enough to speak to me. I am a total hypocrite though and when I’m old and incontinent I’ll be straight on the phone to you even if you’re one of my 3 fans (who I have no respect for) begging you for a job at your company. Especially if you run a whorehouse. Don’t I just look like one in my stupid little kilts? Remember to leave your message after the tone.”

  5. wolfdisguisedasmonk Says:

    Yeah, wow, strong post. Really edgy. Why not pick an easier target, though? Y’know, someone not so contentious? Something like “I Hate Hitler” or “I Hate Child Molesting Racists”? Now that would be a seriously extreme opinion.

    • Person Says:

      hahahah it’s hilarious how you have such high expectations for a site that’s simply supposed to be about stuff the writer hates. not edgy social /cultural criticism. just a rant kay? if you disagree smile and move on. although you are funny XD

  6. daphne Says:

    Hello..if you hate avril, can u just plz keep it for yourself! AVRIL IS AWESOME and i dont hate her i love her songs and thats it..! so shut up.

  7. daphne Says:

    Oh my gosh..and LOVE is a strong word too..i LOVE avril lavigne and why the hell do u hate her??

  8. daphne Says:

    did u research her quotes??but wait a minute..but i thought u hated her! WHAT?! now huh???

  9. avril twin Says:


  10. helpcat Says:



    ยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยด ยดยดยดยดยถยถยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยดยด

    sometimes…hot sucks…

  11. Anvil Latrine Says:

    she does have an annoying voice, a rat face, and british teeth like austin powers. she is so fake, overproduced, pale, and silly. she represents all the spoiled, self-absorbed wastrels polluting our suburbs… those same self-indulgent pseudo-punks buy her crappy music.



  13. emily Says:

    you can shut up im an avril super fan and i bet your 200,000,000,000,000,000 times worse than her even if your better than her witch your not and never will be you still suck because you think she sucks.

  14. gav richards Says:

    Avril Lavigne rocks, its sad little people like ureself that need to get a punch in the face you sad little twat, your probably just jealous of her success, crawl back to ure room in ure mums house and get back to downloading animal porn you scruffy, brainless 40 year old virgin looser.

  15. gav richards Says:

    P.S Juliette, take a bath i can smell ure fanny from here, and u fuckin stink

  16. Airril Says:

    Ummm…It’s not so nice when you have write it here with words ,,I hate Avril.” Lot of people likes (maybe loves) her and it’s normal,because everyone has own style.If you don’t like Avril you don’t must tell it to world ’cause you will get a lot of enemies xP Tell me,what will you do if there will be your favourite band/singer and any idiot (like you) will tell ’bout them f*** things,because hes mind only himself.I don’t listen Avril so much but I must said for people that yes:,,Stop it!You don’t have a reason why!” and if you have a reason…Tell me what are your reasons? Ok…You have writen it…But…She can sing like she want…She can wear clothes what she want,’cause it’s her style and…pink streaks?I think it’s no problem if she want has it.And it’s more ,,cool” when she write ,,Sk8er boi” and if I’m not wrong…Only for once she has replaces letters by numbers and it’s right here in Sk8er…Only for once.So just shut up ’cause you really haven’t got reasons…And if these are really reasons for you…You must be quite stupid…Good day!

  17. The Statement Says:

    I would smash her back doors in though!!!

  18. mariana Says:

    Yeah she does suck… a lot.

  19. morvine Says:

    I Hate avril because of her last song “what the hell” and because she thik that she may do all she wants (in fact my last 3 comments on her site was deleted and now i’m blocked) i try to tell her that she wrong, but… now i hate her ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Proxy Says:

    she got shitload of money and she is proud of sending 6 box to help people lmaooooooo avril go kill yrself

  21. LavigneLovatoJonasSupport Says:

    Its rude to openly criticize people in public especially when they have done nothing wrong to you personally. If you think you could have done a better job for them, its fine. But this stuff- creating hate sites, posting nasty comments and disrespecting other people just shows that you have nothing better to do with your life. Avril might be a celebrity but she is still a human being with feelings. She has made it to the top with her music and if she uses any form of vulgar language or nudity, that is not for us to comment on. We should look at the good present in other people. If you can’t find any, its best to stay quiet and not make it public and reduce the criticism. You wouldn’t like it if someone had to talk about someone you loved this way. Avril wouldn’t be bothered about all this but even if its like that, we should be the last people to judge aother huma being like as though we are perfect.

  22. LavigneLovatoJonasSupport Says:

    Its not gonna do us any good. Its just a waste of time. Don’t have such a callous attitude. To all haters.

  23. Yeah fuck you too Says:

    Why you’re so insecured? Shut up if you hate her cause it wouldn’t make her down.

  24. Yeah fuck you too Says:

    Punchable face? Why don’t you just punch ur ugly face. Bitch why you’re so insecured? And you are sure that she didn’t wrote Sk8er boi. DUMB. You don’t even know who really she is and you’re already judging her. Shut up if you hate her cause it wouldn’t make her down. ~ LITTLE BLACK STAR.

  25. Someone Says:

    People if you hate someone keep it to yourselfs!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all suck in a way i meaan come on we all will get wasted at a time.

  26. celeb pictures Says:

    celeb pictures…

    […]I hate Avril Lavigne « HATE IS A STRONG WORD[…]…

  27. KST Says:

    Aaah people love to jump on bandwagons nowadays with all this hating and shit. For one, the person who wrote this article is a totally insecure little brat who shouldn’t be on the internet anyway. And second of all, Avril is more real than any other artist out there. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber… they are all the same. They all lipsync, write about the same stuff: Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” and Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”? I’m sure Rihanna has a song similar to the topic. All the artists out there EXCEPT Avril are fake and are just out to get money. At least Avril has a clothing line and she has her own charity for disabled children and young adults. Mother fucker.

  28. Maidenchick Says:

    I want to kill her

  29. Anonymous Says:

    YOu Wrong Juliet !! Yes yu Hate Avril Juliet .. But The Question is …. Is Avril Lavigne Like You ?? The answer is … Avril Doest Like you Too !! Avril Lavigne is Also Fucking HAte yu ! .|,

  30. Mariacr Says:

    YOu Wrong Juliet !! Yes yu Hate Avril Juliet .. But The Question is โ€ฆ. Is Avril Lavigne Like You ?? The answer is โ€ฆ Avril Doest Like you Too !! Avril Lavigne is Also Fucking HAte yu ! .|,

  31. Laira Joy Cantos Says:

    to all haters
    all of you are just insecure to avril. before you judge avril look at yourself and all of you are not too perfect to judge avril. and what is your problem to avril’s teeth? maybe your teeth has damage that’s why u hate avril because your insecure. and who write that letter of i hate avril lavigne i think she/he is insecure to avril style and her face. i just want to say to the writer of that letter you are fucking bitch you are fucking insecure to avril.

  32. Anonymous Says:


  33. Kim Says:

    If you don’t know anything about Avril…… Just…. shut up! She’s a very nice, peaceful and cute person. Don’t believe everything what the fucking media says!!!!!!! Watch Avril interviews and stuff at youtube, than you see how she really is!

  34. kazzy Says:

    your lucky you dont look like avril I do and im sick to death of it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Thing is, I keep waiting for her to grow up and progress. Or stop being such a fucking hypocrite–whichever comes first. She sings some Britney Spears shit (as much as she’d like to deny it) yet pretends to be this hardcore punk chick. You can’t comprise your wardrobe entirely from hot topic for the rest of your life–you look ridiculous. And so fake. SO FUCKING FAKE. Girl has no CLUE what it means to be punk. Dying your hair and throwing up the devil horns in every picture op is fucking lame. And to marry dude from the worst band ever? Perfect for you. Bravo.

  36. uncertain.smile Says:

    Lol, holy hell! Why do virtually all the Avril supporters here have such horrible English skills? I’m hoping English is you guys’ second language or that you’re just in elementary school. “Why don’t you just punch ur ugly face”? Saying “shut up” in an argument? Watch out, debate team! Jeez, I feel like I’m in that movie Idiocracy. Oh, yeah.. and Avril sucks.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    you are really stupid

  38. Anonymous Says:

    to th

  39. Anonymous Says:

    to the guy that mentioned british teeth. fuck you

  40. MUST READ THIS :--- Says:

    i just love avril and most of the people do ………. its not about ur opinios its about the truth ………. and the truth is that shes an amazing perso and she is the best ……….. her songs WOW……. her style WOW …………. she is Wow.. and 1thing the haters must know she is the one who donates for the poor needy and disabled people ………….. shes really the 1 who is a human with heart and no one can disrespect her in such a way ……… theres no reason to hate her …….. she is the best and will remain forever……….. what all britney.and tayor have got ….. its all nothing she is the one who is enjoying her life as well and letting enjoy too … just she is following 1 principle n thats live and let live…………. let her wear the ties who r u???????????? she is the new generation let her wear watever she wants n she really lukks amazin watever she wears and she is amazing …….. no doubts…… LUV U AVRIL U ROCKK!!!!

  41. Alana Says:

    Let me start by adressing the bullies on here who have nothing better to do than hate on someone they dont even know.

    Yes, Avril has pink streaks in her hair, that makes her hateable, yep she has been labelled punk, even though she has never called herself that. Why the fuck are you all so judgemental? I love Avril Lavigne. Think about the way you are acting, why are you fucking hating on someone you dont even know? Just because shes different. Cyber bullies.

    Also the quotes arent real, but i suppose insecure bullies like you guys dont care as long as its against avril. Pathetic.
    There is so much fucking hate in this world, why do you have to contribute. And btw sorry if my grammar isnt good enough.

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  43. heidi Says:

    I am sorry about my speling as iam dyslexic.I have been reading all this and i feel saddaned why say things like go kill your self avril. would u like it if someone said it to you i know what it feels like to be told that. i am very suicidal now i listen to her music and find one of her tracks comforting (keep holding on)
    just think we are all humans we are all indavidauls,we have unique styes and we make misstakes. yes i know u hate avril lavigne but pleeese keep it to yourself because it affends people to everyone who is a fan you rock take care and find strengh to the haters try to keep opinions to your self would you like it if poeple hated your fave singer/actor

  44. Anonymous Says:

    damn! what the fucking hell are yah saying you ignorant shitty stooge?stop sayi’n nonesense about avril,if you dont like her,just ignore her,thats it,and once yyou said that darn thing again,your the one im gonna hang over the fire using your fucking damn tounge you bastard!!!!!!

  45. Anonymous Says:

    the person who wrote the message on the 29th of november has killed her self.
    so just think before you say things it is hurtful every body has feelings the person wrote that message was a lovely person a dear sister a loving daughter.

  46. Not_a_fan Says:

    It’s funny how all the Avril fans are getting so butthurt over this and have bad grammer skills.

  47. Zyon Says:

    An avril lavigne hater (which is u) is a lame loser who spends their time going on avril sites and saying how much they hate her.They have no life and are sad sad people.
    sad people with no life who have no respect for a very talented woman

  48. ร€ndria Cripps Says:

    U silly thing..**it!!how dare u speak such nonsense ’bout avril???

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