I hate YouTube on TV


The whole point of YouTube is that it’s on the internet. You get to decide when you watch it and how you watch it. So why all of a sudden are there loads of programmes on TV that revolve around showing clips from the internet? The worst is LennyHenry.TV on BBC1. It’s bad enough having someone unnecessarily talk you through something, which is more than entertaining enough by itself, but that smug little prick? He talks as if he is lecturing a class of special needs toddlers. He just cackles like a mentally unhinged hyena throughout every clip – even the bits that aren’t supposed to be humorous. Forced laughter is not funny. Lenny Henry, you are not funny. Also, his voice is akin to someone letting the air out of a balloon in sporadic, spasmodic bursts. Even worse, he brings on guests each week (usually confused old men) who somehow have less of a clue about what they are doing than he does, to show the world their favourite clips. Most times it looks like they have never seen the video before while they attempt to talk through it. I remember one guy gave up on the clips, stood up and tried about 40 attempts at throwing a pen in the air and catching it behind his ear. Needless to say I haven’t watched the show since.

Anyway, back to YouTube on telly. This week I noticed Lily Allen had a segment on her new show (which is shit, BTW) where she showed some ancient YouTube clips that your Dad and Gail from accounts already forwarded you about a year ago. I wasn’t expecting ground-breaking content, but videos of animals humping? That’s just lazy and embarrassing.

Yesterday, there was another one of these programmes where Alex Zane went through “the best YouTube clips ever” or something. I didn’t bother to watch it, but I read an interview with him the day before where he was describing his favourite clip – a little Asian kid doing some funny dancing – like it was a life-changing revelation that he had personally discovered. Every person in the world with a computer has seen this numerous times. Even if it was something new and amazing I’d prefer to be kept in the dark than have that offensively unfunny little berk tell me about it. Get back to student radio and keep your “discoveries” to yourself.

I assume that this sudden surge in “funny clips” shows is because the ingenious people who work in TV noticed how Harry Hill managed to make You’ve been Framed! actually worth watching. To cash in on this, they decided to pick the funniest and most talented people in TV (Lenny Henry, Lily Allen, Alex Zane were all obviously first choices) and give them their own “funny clips” programmes. The results so far would have poor Lisa Riley turning in her over-sized grave (if she were actually dead). What next? Kate Nash Shares Her Favourite MySpace Profiles?


5 Responses to “I hate YouTube on TV”

  1. bok bok Says:

    so true

  2. fuckingyoutube Says:

    Fucking youtube, i hate like shit.

  3. mike Says:

    http://www.theundergroundcity.com is the shit!!!
    you can post anything and they never remove
    your vids or anything!! its awesome!! nice little site!

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