I hate Santogold


Santogold and MIA
Santogold and M.I.A.

I don’t get why people like Santogold. She is a shit version of M.I.A. (who is annoying anyway). She even got the same guy who produced M.I.A.’s last album to work with her. It’s as though she wanted to make it blatantly obvious what a total, utter, unashamed rip-off she is. Yet you still get reasonably sensible people who proclaim how “amazing” she is. What is wrong with them? Santogold is to M.I.A. what Jodie Marsh is to Jordan – an uglier, more man-like, more full of bullshit, more desperate, cardboard cut-out bargain bin version of someone who is already pretty dreadful. On the plus side, erm, she might have an okay shot at the next series of Global Ghetto Funk Stars in Their Eyes.


19 Responses to “I hate Santogold”

  1. Dom Dom Says:

    I actually like Santo Gold. Kinda. And MIA is okay. I can think of worse female rappers.

  2. YESMAN Says:

    So true. Should throw Sasha Perera from Jahcoozi on this list. Total poser wastes the lot of ’em.

  3. bok bok Says:

    jahcoozi is the aboluste pits omg THE worst

  4. purly gates Says:

    Santogold is a waste, she lookin fugly wugly and cant sing for sheeat.

    Yeah Jahcoozi is awful. Bottom of the barrel. But hey, that’s Berlin.

  5. human Says:

    aww, don’t hate on santi like that. she’s been around for years and ghost written a lot of tracks for people you may very well like. chronologically speaking, MIA is a shit version of her.

  6. purly gates Says:

    Who let Santogold’s into the comments section? She should stick to ghost writing.

    Prancer, you;re spot-on on this one, I’m afraid. Don’t believe the hype.

  7. purly gates Says:

    Who let Santogold’s AGENT into the comments section?

  8. breddabowl Says:

    MIA >>>>>> Santogold.

    Maya is wow. Santi is boring.

  9. Phoenix Says:

    Who’s the successful singer…
    and who’s sitting behind a computer making hateful remarks?
    I like her music it has a different sound, it’s obviously good enough to get her some where.

  10. What's that? Says:

    thank you, phoenix.
    there are only like, two songs
    on that cd that sound ANYTHING
    like M.I.A. hating is stupid.

  11. dog the bounty hunter Says:

    Cry me a river kind veggie internet bro. You’re on a site about HATING.

    Santogold is annoying as f@ck, nuccah.

  12. Govan Says:

    She is a hideous imitation of M.I.A, I liked the first few seconds of I’m A Lady and thats about IT.

    Not to mention how she complains about being compared to M.I.A? err… base your image and kooky sound on M.I.A and people are going to make the LINK, is she stupid as well as repulsive?

    I do not like, no no.

  13. Govan Says:

    also – M.I.A rocks, she’s a hardworking bad-ass artist who does a lot to promote herself, her vision etc

    so haters, if you don’t; like her music thats fair but its undeniable she is bad-ass, she got where she is by HERSELF.. and its not like she’s got amazing vocals. Go figure!

  14. Poppy Says:

    I really like her and I like MIA – so sue me.
    And if she was an MIA rip off I don’t think MIA would agree to pose next to her. She’d write about her.

    Although she is up her own arse, I think.

  15. Marcus Thörn Says:

    The funny thing is that M.I.A and Santo is like best friends so about the ripping shit ? just stop it dudes,


  16. Elizabeth Says:


  17. Ur GOD Says:

    How bout this, they’re both aren’t talented enough or produced enough product to really have this discussion. two moderately talented trash bags

  18. Kait Says:

    I hate your google ads but I deal. You should too.

  19. Kim Says:

    I do not hate the person, but I hate that dumb song from television -.- She sounds like a lawnmower… OOOOAAA OOOOAA…. terrible

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