I hate dentists


DentistI know that this one is a bit like saying I hate murderers or I hate AIDS or I hate famine, but dentists can eat a bag of dicks. Now, I need to make it clear that I’m usually pretty good about dental hygiene. And even though I’ve started eating more sweeties since I quit smoking, I brush and mouthwash twice a day. Yesterday however, I awoke to an sharp, alien, tear-inducing pain in my mouth. It felt like a molar had exploded and was now a popped kernel of corn. I couldn’t stop tonguing it, but every touch triggered excruciating pain – like I was snogging an exposed nerve. Drinking water felt like swallowing molten lava. I clearly needed emergency treatment. So I phoned around and found a dentist to do it. She quickly assessed the damage; I had a very deep cavity and the rotting had caused a bit of tooth to break off. Despite her prognosis and the forecast of forthcoming pain, she assured me that it would be OK. When she injected the local anesthetic it didn’t hurt. I didn’t even flinch when she dug out all the shit that was clogged up in the cavity. I didn’t even feel her peg in the silver filling. But you know what did fucking hurt? The £190 bill she hit me with. Ouch.



3 Responses to “I hate dentists”

  1. Claire Says:

    It looks like someone has their wrist watch in your mouth. How the hell did you manage to lose that much tooth?

  2. best cookies Says:

    I’d also like to convey that most of those who find themselves without the need of health insurance are normally students, self-employed and people who are not working. More than half in the uninsured are really under the age of Thirty five. They do not sense they are wanting health insurance simply because they’re young and also healthy. Their income is frequently spent on real estate, food, as well as entertainment. Some people that do go to work either entire or in their free time are not given insurance by means of their jobs so they proceed without as a result of rising valuation on health insurance in the usa. Thanks for the suggestions you talk about through this blog.

  3. Joyce Says:

    As an old dental hygienist (69), I am more than slightly amused at rantings and ravings of folks like you who think that teeth just automatically “rot”… and that paying for cigarettes all those years was more important (obviously) than having your teeth cleaned and checked periodically. Oh yes.. health care is a RIGHT.. not a privilege and all that. Somewhere in there, the concept of personal responsiblity has been lost. Note the further comment about insurance. Actually, the cost of health care would be a fraction of what it is now if it not FOR the 3rd party payers and all the insurance execs with 4 houses, the personnel it takes in an office to process all the paperwork. If we all were just subscribing to catastrophic coverage and paying for routine medical and dental out of pocket.. we’d all be in better shape financially. Husband is a retired dentist and I can promise you we did not get rich practicing dentistry.. the overhead is beyond belief! The dental supply companies are getting rich and and some dentists who stretch the ethical concept that there are alternative treatments.. but sorry, sounds like you let something go way too long and didn’t take care of yourself. Actually the old wives tale about people “just having bad teeth” is not true.. that is a true rarity lined to some medical conditions. You are truly lucky that you didn’t have to have an extraction.. that she had the smarts to be able to restore it. Count your blessings and start spending on your health care like you probably do on entertainment, clothes, etc… Get your priorities straight like your grandparents probably did.

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