I hate MBT shoes


MBT shoe

Have you seen these grotesque eyesores? I am guessing you must have. It’s pretty much impossible to miss a pair of these monster trucks roaring around on the tootsies of every Ally McBeal, Bridget Jones or Dear Deirdre reader across the land between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. What are these women thinking? I mean, these things are the footwear equivalent of Anne Widdecombe (especially the open toe sandal variety).

OK, so I am more than aware that when you get to a certain age you need to put in a little more effort. You know, a few more hours go into perfecting your own unique little (or not so little) package. You’ve got to learn to “work with what you’ve got”, as the fat one from Trinny and Susannah might say. I get all of that and I’m into the idea. So with that in mind, it’s obvious why women want to look after their body. This is where these little pairs of rubber-soled miracles come in. Known as MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) shoes, these new age clogs help you to “mimic the walking stride of the Masai tribe” giving you results that will “transform your body beyond recognition”. Quite how sticking on a pair of oversized trainers is supposed to turn you from Michelle McManus into Madonna I do not know. Anyone I’ve seen with them seems to be a little on the weebly side, just waddling around with what resembles a couple of meat pies strapped to their feet. Maybe that’s some type of subliminal analogy for stamping out junk food, which these clever Masai people have come up with. You spend all day squidging the pies under your hooves and then you can’t bring yourself to stuff any in your mouth when you get home. That’s the only way I could see these things working.


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  1. Fashion Sensei Says:

    Clever writing and funny post! 🙂

  2. Maryann Bray Says:

    These shoes are not what they used to be. Having just been informed that this company was sold and that the new owners have previous business experience with discount shoes I now understand what the problem is with the shoes. They are not made with the same quality materials that their reputation was built on. Many folks, myself included, are unhappy with the wear of the new shoes. The soles on mine only lasted about 2 months before they were worn down in places. These are sport shoes–I only wore mine indoors and occasionally I wore them out on errands. I weigh 135 lbs, so I don’t think that excessive weight contributed to the wear. Please, don’t buy these shoes thinking that they
    are the original quality that made these shoes such a great success. It’s alot of money-$235 for mine-to pay for such a short lifespan.

    • Ann Says:

      I am disapointed hearing of the quality of the original MBT`s,that I won`t be able to ever own a pair. I do however own the new MBT`s and I must say I love them! I wear them everyday and they have not worn that much at all. I agree with the price being high,so I purchased my 3 pair on ebay. I paid under 130.00 for each pair, and they were all new in original box.

      • Kathy Says:

        I so agree with you. I loved the original MBT sports but now the new they are poorl Was a huge fan.

    • Deron Says:

      You should try the RYN Footwear, Quality of the RYN is the BEST!! email me at rynusasoutheast@cfl.rr.com

  3. Feet First Says:

    Last year our personal friend and inventor of the MBT, Karl Mueller, departed from his MBT kingdom in order to pursue other inventions and creations. At first we felt that this would not at all have an impact on the MBT product, which seemed to be at such a high quality and outstanding level. Nor did we feel it would impact the company’s business units as Karl had partnered his brand with many excellent people worldwide.

    On the business side we were wrong: immediately MBT’s US subsidiary in Idaho (our direct business partner for the brand) was completely reorganized and new managers were hired, most of whom had made their previous careers in the low end and discount shoe businesses.

    Their first move was to completely change the MBT product line: out with the old and in with the new. And as a consequence at the end of 2007 we ran an amazing sale on the dropped MBTs and we thank many of our customers for their enthusiastic participation and business in this sale of our existing inventory.

    Even more significantly, on the product side we were unfortunately also wrong: having recommended, fitted and sold over 5,000 pairs of the entire MBT product line since 2004 from both our brick & mortar and our online virtual stores, it quickly became apparent to ourselves and to our customers that most of the MBTs produced after Karl’s departure were not even close to what we had become accustom to…

    In particular, starting in November 2007 we began receiving a plethora of complaints from customers that their MBTs were wearing out — of the outsoles and collapsing Masai sensors — already after only three weeks of usage (attached is a picture study of the outsole of the MBT Sport comparing the older and the newer product executions).

    Since then we have also wear-tested many of the new Spring 2008 MBTs and, also unfortunately, the results have been extremely poor: POOR FIT, COLLAPSING MASAI SENSOR, PREMATURE & COMPLETE OUTSOLE WEAR, LACK OF STABILITY, EXTREMELY HEAVY… And as a result somewhat reluctantly, we have now decided to no longer sell the MBT in our store until (hopefully) the former quality of this once-great-product has one day been completely restored.

    Just as we had been so enthusiastic in communicating and promoting the MBT brand when it was in its prime, we hope you understand our decision that we can not support any of our former efforts, convictions and recommendations based on the poor product quality issues present in almost all of the current MBT products. Quite frankly, there is no way we could recommend & sell the MBT in its current execution FOR OVER US$ 200!!! and expect our customers at all to continue to take our advice and recommendation seriously.

    To conclude, it appears that even more significantly than driving the MBT creation and innovation, Karl Mueller, during his time at the company, was successful in maintaining the MBT shoe’s high execution standard of quality production. With him no longer involved, we are convinced that the MBT is no longer what it once was… and that anyone who has been as involved with the MBT as closely, as thoroughly and as long as ourselves is similarly in complete agreement with our position.

    • judy Says:

      so how do you tell the difference between a quality pair and a
      a newer less quality pair if you find them on eBay? Is there
      a code that will distinguish between them?

  4. Tina Says:

    I have had the same wear problems with my new MBTS and am glad I still have two pairs of the originals.

    • Kathy Says:

      I use the same philosophy as you. Last week I put on the new older version but never worn before. they crumbled at the midsole (padding area) as I was walking through a department store. Huge disappointment

  5. listmaker Says:

    I’m glad I came across your site….I was thinking about buying this shoes. Cool site.

  6. Becky S Says:

    I own 28 pair of the original MBTs and just purchased one pair of the new staka sandals. Bummer! The change is observed instantly. They don’t have the wonderful “cush” and fit that the originals do. Admittedly they are really cute, but so are non MBTs. Glad I bought a lifetime supply of the originals. You can’t wear them out and they stay wonderfully comfortable.

  7. new to MBT's Says:

    Bought my first pair and love them but wondering what I missed with the old style. Does anyone know if there are any originals left to buy somewhere in US ?

  8. almost bought them Says:

    I too am glad I saw this website in time – on my budget, $270 for everyday shoes is a lot of money, but I work on my feet all day and realize that quality is worth the investment. I was about to invest in a pair of MBTs, until I saw these reviews. Thanks for the heads-up!

  9. joanie Says:

    I have spinal problems and was in extreme pain at all times…and MBT’s were a wonderful relief when I bought my first pair about 1 yr. ago. Then a few weeks later bought the second. But when I purchased number 3, (wanted something that would go with khaki’s), noticed they were wider (I have a narrow foot) and they weren’t as confortable as the first 2 pair. Now, after reading all of these messages, am beginning to understand why. Don’t kinow what I am going to do. Plus…they are hard to clean. Was in process of purchasing another pair like the very first ones I bought, since I know they fit. But now wonder…. I do know shoes wear out on the inside before they wear out on the outside. so am not surprised by the outer wear, even tho’ mine have worn very well. and I have to wear one pair or the other every day because of my back problems. The pair I am unhappy with are the Chapas. (pr #3) Thanks for all the info.

  10. joanie Says:

    to FEET FIRST….
    Do you have any alternative info to the MBT’s for someone like me who was helped by the MBT’S

  11. The RYN Footwear Spa Says:

    Once we got rid of all our MBTs, we then shifted our virtual store over entirely to SpringBoost, which we feel is the “Earth Shoe of the 21st Century” and an ideal footwear solution for athletic consumers seeking sports performance enhancement, body alignment, strengthening, toning and stabilizing the core.

    However, as many of our customers reminded us, we were still missing a high quality technical footwear product committed primarily to active walking, active standing and active motion. So we ventured back to the roots in Pusan, Korea where the original MBTs were developed and produced (but are now outsourced) and found RYN Footwear.

    We are convinced that RYN Shoes are without comparison in the footwear industry, operationally outstanding, committed to unmatched quality production and serious consumer responsive research, development and design. RYN Footwear is a novelty in that it runs its brand operations, its R&D and its production all out of two fully owned factories from within the berm of footwear’s global development hub in Pusan, Korea.

    Now the obvious question that many of our customers quite understandably have been asking: “So RYN walking shoes are a knock-off of the MBT right? It looks like a knock-off.” Well actually, with all due repsect, that happens to be very far from the reality: Developed in Pusan, Korea in the 1990s parallel with MBT, RYN shoes were ready to go to the market in Korea at the same time MBT (originally mBT by Swiss Masai) went to market in Switzerland, but opted to spend a couple years more at the R&D stage and to complete building their own R&D facility and factory. The difference is that RYN was never sold outside of the Korean peninsula until last year when it was exported to Japan and earlier this year when RYN started selling in Europe. More accurately, we actually feel that one could claim that MBT was developed within the growing RYN R&D infrastructure at that time and then eventually left the development hub for anywhere that offered the least expensive production.

    Quite frankly, now that we have gotten to know both brands, we firmly believe that the notion of RYN being a knock-off of MBT would be as ridiculous as saying that Audi is a knock-off of Volkswagen in the automotive industry. Moreover, recent consumer wear-testing studies, in the UK and now in the US, are starting to show that about 9 in 10 MBT owners prefer the RYN Footwear they are testing to their MBTs.

    Successfully launched here in the US in late July in Las Vegas, RYN Footwear has already had an incredibly positive response in the UK, Germany and Japan. Globally RYN shoes, RYN sandals and RYN dress shoes are very quickly becoming the new brand of choice within the active walking category (what MBT calls “masai walking” and Chung Shi calls “balance walking”). For active walking, active standing and active motion… simultaneously fulfilling both the product needs of consumers seeking comfort & physiological relief as well as those seeking a workout & physical results.


    1. The RYN AIR TUNNEL and seven layer structure promotes energy return & stability… in addition to strengthening, toning and aligning.

    2. The RYN AIR TUNNEL lightens the footwear weight as well as enhances its durability, cushioning and footstrike/stability management effectiveness.

    3. RYN Footwear can get wet and can withstand all sorts of exposure.

    4. RYN Footwear has outstanding quality as each shoe is hand made and goes through a vigorous quality control procedure.

    5. The RYN Exercise Shoe SPORT HIGH SERIES offers maximum strengthening and toning for those consumers seeking to get the most workout out of their footwear purchase; executed on a stable, highly technical, supportive and non-eroding seven layer sandwich midsole/outsole platform with integrated RYN AIR TUNNEL technology.

    RYN’s styles can already be spotted on the high street in London, the Ku’damm in Berlin, the Roppongi district in Tokyo — and now also on South Beach in Miami — and are just starting to receive excellent media exposure.

    The product line is also amazingly multifaceted and offers products for all consumers – attractive formal dress shoes for businesspeople, working shoes for professionals, comfort shoes for seniors, maximum workout RYN SPORT HIGH shoes (for those seeking immediate physical results), sandals & slides for warmer climates/seasons, athletic fashion shoes, casual wear, children’s shoes and much more.

    We are now the first store to sell RYN Footwear in North America and currently have a limited inventory for those who are interested and want to buy RYN online or at our store location. As they arrive, the different RYN styles and sizes will be made available through our virtual store on a first come first served basis.

    For further information on RYN shoes, please also view http://www.rynshoes.co.uk/video-wmv/ from the RYN UK website. This is the 2007 RYN corporate film. In the near future we will be also be broadcasting RYN’s more recent film, which is just stunning!

    Although we endeavor to constantly improve our online product presentation, online fitting and service operations… admittedly we will never quite be able to offer the equal services of a professional local brick & mortar store. Therefore, as we are so optimistic about the quality, performance and the future of RYN Footwear (as well as SpringBoost), we strongly encourage our customers/readers to approach their appropriate local stores and hopefully help persuade them to carry RYN Footwear (and SpringBoost) themselves. In essence we feel strongly enough about the incredible potential (physiological and physical) benefits for all consumers, that we will strive to encourage and support a formidable grass roots local presence at stores that know how to introduce, consult and fit this type of high-end brand technical comfort and fitness footwear.

    “Mambu Baddu”

    Swahili proverb for “The best is yet to come”

  12. Jan Says:

    I purchased a pair of MBT shoes in September 2008 from a small shoe store chain in Kirkland, WA. I was excited about the concept.
    I wore the shoes as instructed, for short periods of time giving my muscles time to adjust. Call it timing – after two and a half months I developed Plantar Fasciitis (extreme pain in the heel of foot). Wow what pain! I have never experienced such discomfort. Despite the pain I continued to wear my MBT shoes for few more weeks. I decided to stop wearing my MBT shoes. Three months later with lots of icing and physical therapy my heel is getting better.
    After returning to the shoe store I explained my situation to the salesperson. She would be talking to the owner that afternoon and would get back to me. Two weeks later I stopped by again. She remembered me and said the owner was working with MBT to see what they could do for me.
    There has been NO communication to date. I was not asking for a refund ($235), a store credit would have been fine. My husband purchased a pair of MBT at the same time. He has been happy with his shoes, however, the reputations of MBT and the shoe store are in doubt.
    Please do your research before considering MBT!!! One note; my husband does not recommend these shoes while walking on a treadmill. His feet and legs were so fatigued after 20 min.
    I enjoyed working with the salesperson, love the line of shoes the store carries but at this point I cannot recommend them.

  13. Dianne Says:

    I would love to try out a pair of RYN shoes. I would love to so much that I ordered a pair online from Feet First.com – the first sponsored link when I googled “RYN”. I paid $240 to them online on 2/18/09, and never received any acknowledgement of the order, although the money was immediately charged to my Visa card. I wrote them on 2/24 and asked them for a tracking number. They replied the next day that although their website had indicated the shoes were available in my size, they were in fact not available, and they would be issuing a refund. Waited several days; no refund. I called and emailed – they responded on 3/03 that the refund had been issued but it would take a few days. Waited 7 more days; no refund. I emailed and called, and now they no longer respond at all. I have reported the fraudulent transaction to Visa, and strongly urge anyone considering buying RYN shoes to stay away from these scammers. You will never see the shoes or your money again.

  14. jan Says:

    Update to my Feb 25, 2009 posting regarding the purchase my MBT shoes from a shoe store in Kirkland, WA. After visiting the shoe store again in early March I spoke to a new sales person. He was delightful, within 3 days he offered a solution to my MBT shoes. They offered a store credit minus 15% restocking fee (I did not have the original shoe box). With all things considered I felt this was an acceptable solution. I am now wearing a pair of comfortable Wolky walking shoes. I will not purchase another pair of MBT especially after researching the new company behind the shoe and the changes they have made. As for the shoe store, they have restored my confidence in their business.

  15. Florida Girl In Sydney Says:

    I love, love, love my MBT sapatu’s, that I bought from a podiatrist/shoe store- I have a foot injury and they are the only comfortable shoes for me until I have surgery– that being said, I recently bought a couple more styles and they are no where near as well made as the first two pairs I have. The footbed feels weird, like everything is irregular or just out of place. They don’t feel as cushioned– I am so disappointed.

    The good news is that I was able to dig up a couple of pairs of the old ones– there are still plenty out there and they are so comfortable, I’m thrilled. Beware, the new versions of old styles (same style name but with small changes to the shoes) are terrible.

    I really hope MBT will decide it’s worth spending the money to produce the quality shoes they once made– before it’s too late.

  16. Florida Girl In Sydney Says:

    And by the way, I recently bought a pair of Chung Shi’s (MBTesque shoes), they totally suck and feel as crappy as the new MBTs or worse.

  17. Dear Dianne, Says:

    For the last five years we have successfully advised, consulted & fitted thousands of exceedingly satisfied customers worldwide for RYN and other natural foot strike technologies.

    We very much value your passion for RYN and we share that; however you have no right to slander our business in the manner you have chosen.

    Although we endeavor to constantly improve our online product presentation, online fitting and service operations, admittedly we will never quite be able to offer the equal services of a professional local brick & mortar store. Dealing with the imperfection of thousands of miles and the massive demand for RYN Footwear it so happened that in your case unfortunately your order was unfulfilled. As you know you have been refunded in full and have received a store credit for your inconvenience.

    We also understand that you were able to fulfill your original objective and get fitted with a pair of RYN shoes elsewhere and we are glad to hear that.


  18. Mike Cohn Says:

    Well, “Dear Diane”, I notice that even though you accuse Dianne of “slander” regarding your business (FeetFirstFitness), I notice you don’t deny the truth of anything she says. If the facts as stated in her post are true, it is certainly not slander.
    I am glad you refunded her as of April 5, 2009, but her post was made on March 16th, 2009 regarding an order placed on February 18th, 2009, not fulfilled, and unrefunded as of March 16th assuming her version of the facts is true.
    Why did it take until subsequent to March 16th to get her a refund? Why was she not already refunded as of the date of her post, almost a month after her order was placed? I run a small business and if I need to get someone a credit card refund it’s as simple as one click of the mouse. I appreciate the fact that you could not fill her order and recognize that it happens sometimes (particularly in the shoe business where you are dealing with hundreds of products due to the various sizes). However, there is no excuse for your lack of a prompt refund IMMEDIATELY upon realizing that the order could not be promptly filled. None at all, and I notice you offer no excuse or reason for the long delay.
    I had seen your website before and was thinking of trying out a pair of RYN shoes from you. I will not be doing so.

  19. Renee Simao Says:

    Dear Juliette:
    Many people do not wear MBT’s to offset stuffing our mouths with junk food. Believe or not some SLENDER people wear MBT’s. Why? Because if you read your newspaper once in a while, you might notice that there is such a phenomenom as automobile accidents, boating accidents, airplane accidents, etc. And guess what? Some people get injured. And in case you are still wondering, some people have injured backs, spinal columns and legs. So we wear MBT’s. For some of us, it is the difference between walking and using a wheelchair or being on crutches. And can you believe, we would rather look unfashionable than use crutches, a cane, or a wheelchair if we don’t have to? I understand you might have difficulty believing this.Tell me, do you also hate wheelchair users? Do you hate people who have to use crutches and canes? Do you think such people should be done away with as Hitler did during the Holocaust? And for myself, I am not overweight and I never patronize fast food places. I am a healthy eater. However, I have a back injury. MBT’s are the difference between my walking 30 feet and 3 miles. With MBT’s I can walk 3 to 7 miles a day and that keeps me healthy and slender.
    Renee S.

  20. Shay Crawley Says:

    I had my MBTs resoled less then six months ago and they need to be done again.


  21. Allison Says:


    I’m very concerned in researching RYN online seeing the obsessive, ongoing spam they fill every blog with. You see the same thing time and again; employees of feetfirst and US RYN representatives posing as RYN customers to explain their new found love of the shoe. And when they do honestly post as “feetfirst” they bash MBT to no end. I will not be buying from RYN for this reason.

  22. Allison Says:

    If you read through the blogs, you will even see instances of feetfirst staging questions as customers then posting to answer their own question.

    I.e., feetfirst will submit a post under one name asking “Where can I find these amazing shoes” then the same employee of feetfist posts again under a different name to say “Oh, hi thank you for your support of this wonderful shoe they can be bought at.. etc.

    You can witness feetfirst pulling this tired tactic on every-single-blog you can find on the subject of either MBT or RYN. Buyer beware.

  23. RYN SHOES Says:

    You can view next season’s Ryn Shoes Collections by joining http://www.facebook.com/Ryn.Shoes

  24. Florida Girl In Sydney Says:

    Update: I just bought a pair of the new MBT boots– I think they’re called the Tambo– they are awesome, fit and feel beautiful. Just like my original Zapatus!

    I also (at the same MBT store visit) bought the Chapa sneaker– but in the mens version because it seemed to fit better. They also feel great. Seems like the issues I had a year ago trying on MBTs has greatly been improved– I wonder if they’ve made a change (for the better)?

  25. Florida Girl In Sydney Says:

    Oh and btw, in Australia your health insurance may cover the cost of MBT’s if you have a doctor’s note about back, foot, knee, or hip problems– all of which the MBT help alleviate pain from– my insurance is paying for them.

    • Another Girl in Sydney Says:

      Hi Florida Girl,
      Thanks for the tip. I’ve had several foot ops. Just checked, yes I can get my next ones with my health fund. They’ll be number 11 pair BTW!. Could say MBTs have been a sensation for me. Not only my long suffering feet, that, I was resigned and used to. No it was my physical strength and the massive changes to my body. Um… yes actually Juliette, I did change into a more Madonna like shape. Whadyaknow.
      Gee, call me weird, but I’d rather have ugly shoes than an ugly body, how bout you?

    • Deron Says:

      You should try the RYN if you would like to learn more email me rynusasoutheast@cfl.rr.com

      • Steven Says:

        Oh, stop with the RYN spam already. Not to mention that RYN shoes are about the ugliest shoes on the market.

  26. RYN SHOES Says:

    Allison beware.

    Ryn shoes coming soon to http://www.blissworld.com/category/fitness+footwear.do

  27. Michael Kaye Says:

    Ryn sound a bit dodgy to me. UK website has been under going maintenance since July.

    Guess old RYN here thinks he is viral marketing and not spamming. Either way his behaviour here means I will never buy a pair of RYN shoes…

  28. Hilda Says:

    I bought a pair of MBT shoes about a month and a half ago. I was glad that they relieved some back pain. However, I have only been wearing them about 3 or 4 days a week for six weeks and the right shoe has decompressed in the middle. After reading the above comments I realize that it is faulty and negligent manufacturing of this very expensive item which caused it to destruct so fast. What can we do about this? Denounce them to the Better Business Bureau? If you send them back, you will only receive another pair of faulty shoes. Where can the original MBT’ s made by the original company be purchased?

  29. RYN SHOES Says:

    Sorry if this is misunderstood; this by no means is a threat.

    Allison tells the buyer to beware. That’s all.

    • Alfred Says:

      If it wasn’t a threat, please explain your comment. I can’t make any sense of your first post (“Allison beware”) and your second post, which says “Sorry if this is misunderstood; this by no means is a threat”. I understand Allison was telling the buyer to beware. Why do you tell Allison to beware?

  30. RYN SHOES Says:

    Allison is a long-time employee of MBT and is trying to purport a highly creative conspiracy theory, that any negative reviews on their products could in no way be genuine but, if negative, must certainly have stemmed from Ryn or from a Ryn shoes retailer.

    • Alfred Says:

      Almost a believable answer. Saying that Allison is trying to talk badly about Ryn shoes because she is from MBT makes us all wonder what the truth is. The only thing I still wonder is, how you know that Allison is an employee of MBT since here any person can post a reply under any name. She has not identified herself by providing a website, how did you identify her as MBT employee?

    • Alfred Says:

      Oh, and another thing… your reply did not my original question. I asked you to explain in which way your comment (“Allison beware”) could be interpreted so as to understand it not as a threat.

      You said that “this [was] by no means a threat”. Being asked to explain how the comment “Allison beware” could not be a threat, all you do is give a reason why it would be sensible for you to threaten her (namely, because she is an MBT employee talking badly about Ryn shoes).

      I’m interested to hear your comment to both my replies.

  31. Happy Ryn Customer/Unhappy FeetFirst Customer Says:

    I did purchase a pair of Ryn shoes from Feet First on-line on August 13. The Ryn product is fantastic, well made, and has resolved my on-going knee pain – essentially it lives up to the hype. Unfortunately, Feet First’s customer service leaves quite a bit to be desired. Ultimately, the product was delivered approximately 6-7 weeks after ordering with absolutely NO communication from the seller. Feet First’s website states free 3-day delivery in the continental US. I emailed and called attempting to get some information without any response – nothing – not a peep for weeks on end. I fully understand back-order situations, owner illness, short-staffing and the like, but keeping your customers informed makes for return customers. I will buy the Ryn product again, but not from Feet First – and if you are reading this Feet First and want to counter with a “you were unaware of the problem” excuse, then that would be a false statement. I did let you know my complaints directly via email. I order 80% of my purchases from on-line merchants (everything from treadmills to prescription eyeglasses) and informed you in writing that Feet First was the worst on-line vendor I have ever encountered. Perhaps if you would spend more time keeping your paying customers informed of the status of their orders and less time blogging, the product and your store would speak for themselves.

    • Feet First Says:

      Feet First was the first store in the US to sell Ryn. This at a time when a major competitor was trying to ban its market entry into the US.

      Feet First then co-founded the North & South American distribution of Ryn. In this transition period there were very poor delivery consequences and we appreciate your comments as well as apologize sincerely.

      We are gald you like your Ryn, we brought them here as an alternative to MBT (as we could no longer sell MBT — perhaps you have also read our comments above from about two years ago). We encourage you to purchase Ryn shoes anywhere you wish — usually a local store where you can try the shoes on and get correctly fitted and consulted is always the best.

  32. Beth Says:

    I personally don’t “hate” MBT at all (worn them for the last three years) but this is a nice piece I found on Ryn shoes –


  33. Carol Says:

    I bought my first pair of MBT’s in 2006 called Shadow. I walked them over a 1000 miles before they needed a re-sole. The only reason I wear MBT’s is because at 5′ I love the extra height these shoes give me. They haven’t lost me any weight or built any extra muscle or any of the other things claimed.

    They are very comfortable and certainly I never suffer with aching or hot sweaty feet. I also thought the quality excellent. I have since bought seven more pairs but I don’t know if they are the new or old style. Some of the latest shoes are not so high and I would never buy these as they would totally defeat all my reasons for wanting them.

  34. Joe Matthews Says:

    MBT shoes are the best!! I am a 24 year old male who now has four pairs since October 2009. After trying many different pairs of shoe’s MBT is the most comfortable shoe ever. The Goretex models seem to have a more robust sensor. I have 3x chapa models and 1x shuguli gtx.
    RYN’s UK website has been down for a good year now as I was interested in comparing but compared to MBT’s operation its childs play.
    MBT may have had issues but I can say they are on the up! You see so many people, mostly women but some men wearning mbt’s in London so they are deffinatley increasing in popularity. My advice is go try some, you will never look back. They are expensive but I feel its worth it.

  35. Cam White Says:

    As a footwear retailer in Austin that has been selling MBT shoes and now RYNs, I have to say I like both brands equally, but for entirely different reasons. So, to cut through all of the noise, I wrote a review comparing both brands:

    No shoe works for everyone. Our goal is to match the shoe that works best for the individual, whether it’s MBT, RYN, Z-CoiL, Aetrex, Finn Comfort, Alegria, fitflop, EMU Australian or other fine pain relief and comfort brands.

    We don’t sell online, we fit people in person – so we have nothing to financially gain from this post

  36. Jenny Says:

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  38. Cam Says:

    If you are going to buy MBT shoes, you might as well get the real thing. There is a rash of counterfeit (fake) MBT shoes being sold on the sites listed above.

    For a listing of authentic MBT retailers, visit http://us.mbt.com

    It’s the official corporate website. Beware of “Me love MBT long time” website ads written in broken Engrish. 😉

    If you really want a great experience, get the shoes fitted in person by a reputable retailer.

  39. Jen Says:

    Is anyone familiar with this site: http://www.mbt-shoes-discount.com/ ?

    I’m thinking about ordering a pair of GTX Chapa MBT’s for $99, but I am concerned that this is a knock-off site. However, is it possible that this is legitimate – direct from the manufacturer in China ? How do I tell if this is legit? How do you tell if the MBTs are real or fake?

  40. Cam Says:


    Go to http://us.mbt.com for a list of official MBT dealers. If an online retailer is not listed on that site, there is a very good chance that you will be buying a poor quality, counterfeit MBT shoe being illegally manufactured in China.

    MBT is aggressively working with Chinese legal teams to shut down production of counterfeit MBTs and the “discount” MBT sites using MBT’s trademarks, logos and branding to sell cheap “knock-offs”.

  41. All about Rocker Soles Shoes Says:

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  42. Mary Says:

    I have read alot of negative feedback on FeetFirstFitness.com and wanted to let you all know I have purchased several pr of Ryn from RynAmerica.com and have had nothing but fabulous service. I highly recommend them! The website is very informative and if you call in to their customer service they are very knowledgable and will help you get the correct size off the bat, etc. And I have received my shoes pronto everytime! Cam is right, MBT and Ryns are different, and I love both! But seriously guys, check RynAmerica.com.

  43. Feet First Says:

    We completely agree http://www.RynAmerica.com is an excellent source for Ryn. We often refer customers there if they are located closer.

  44. Ryn Footwear Explained Says:

    Here is another excellent segment:

  45. mbtfans Says:

    You hate MBT shoes? Then why do you show this photo. You are wearing it. ^_^

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  47. Cam Says:

    Buyer beware. sites like mbt4life and martorder are just “fronts” for cheap MBT counterfeits sold out of China. They are horrible quality, cheap imitations be sold as authentic MBTs. If you buy from these counterfeiters, prepare yourself to be disappointed.

    There are dozens of complaints online from people that thought they were getting a good deal on MBTs from these unscrupulous sites, only to get burned.

  48. Mark Says:

    I know posts on sites like these tend to go a bit to the negative side as orders that go as expected don’t get posted as often as orders with an issue. Just for the record I called feetfirstfitness.com last Friday, talked to them about 15 minutes about the Ryn shoes I wanted to order, learned they fit like my Mizuno Wave Runner 12, (which they did), I placed the order over the phone and received them in Dallas Wednesday morning. I have no complains. They were shipped the same day as ordered. I received an email when they were shipped with the tracking number. I have emailed them twice since my order and have received a very knowledgeable and prompt reply each time. I plan to order a pair of Ryn sandals soon from them as there is no store in the Dallas area that carries Ryns and besides with free shipping and no 8.25% sales tax it’s cheaper and more convenient. I know boring post and no one got hosed, but my experience worked out just fine with feetfirstfitness

  49. PAUL KENT Says:

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  50. Happy Ryn Customer/ Happy Feet First Customer Says:

    I agree here with Mark. Also just for the record I got such good service from http://www.FeetFirstFitness.com that I as well wanted to share my experience on this rather odd string of comments, opinions etc.

    Well I ordered a Ryn shoe from them based on the size that they recommended. Delivery was timely and when I got the shoe I was really not sure if it might be a little small so I called them. Immediately they sent me the next size up at no additional cost so that I could compare the two sizes. In the end it turned out that the original size was accurate and the bigger size was returned.

    I am in total awe of my Ryn shoes. The quality is excellent, they are comfortable and you can really feel the fantastic support and control as you walk, rock and move.

  51. Nathalia FL Says:

    I learned about MBTs about 4yrs ago. I searched only and got my 1st pair for only 179$. 8 months after loving my 1st purchase I got a 2nd pair.
    I have NOT had ANY problems with and of my MBTS. I wear BOTH on the daily basis and they are even close to being worn out yet.
    I am very sorry to hear people buying fake ones.

  52. Nathalia FL Says:

    I have not purchased from this website yet.
    I am not sure if its real.
    But very good price.

  53. Pat FL Says:

    I originally bought a slight used pair of MBTs on eBay. I enjoyed walking in them and began an online search for a store to buy another pair. During my search I reach about the apparent lack of manufacturing quality with the newer shoes (my MBTs were made in Korea) and looked for a comparable shoe with better quality control. Again, reading the RYN reviews, I decided call feetfirstfitness.com.

    After about a 20 minute phone conversation, I ordered a pair of RYN Erin Sandals and received them within 3 days. Unfortunately, the shoes were too big but rather than send them back I waited until I was in the area and visited their store. After trying on virtually every model of their women’s RYN shoes, I exchanged my Erin sandals for the next size smaller and also bought a pair of the RYN Nazca in black & silver.

    Now that I know what RYN shoe size I am, and having met the owners of feetfirstfitness.com, I will continue to buy my RYN shoes from them.

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  57. Dani Says:

    I find this a decent review on RYNs from where I got my MBTs in New York City:

  58. ronnie graham Says:

    bought my first pair of mbt’s in sept10 and the spongy heel had holed before christmas. Retailer blames it on me ….!!…yet has sent them back to manufacturer. I await their verdict. In my opinion these shoes are only for conversation, not for using. They have the staying-power of a pair of slippers. NEVER again!

  59. Shoegirl Says:

    We hear ya Ronnie! Go to RynAmerica.com and try out a pair of Ryns.. You’ll like them so much more! Same technology but better support, stability and comfort. And quality is there!

  60. Paul Davison Says:

    I have a pair shoes and sandals. First I had the shoes resoled and they started to break up after six months. I took them back and they were replaced as MBT at Brookvale admitted the wrong sole had been put on. I took my sandals in to be resoled March 2010 and now they also are breaking up. I took them back Feb 2011 and MBT said they were out of warranty and offered to sell me a new pair at a discounted price. I cannot see why they offer a resoling service when the body of the shoe will break up before the life of the second sole. I will not be buying another pair. This is disappointing as I found them good to walk in with my back and knee problems. I will be looking onto similar types which are now on the market which I have had good reports about.

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  64. buck Says:

    Holy smokes, i never knew about the battle over shoe control. As a business owner, my advice to some of these companies is to let your product speak for them selves. That whole “Alison beware” previous comment is very disturbing. Your business will only grow from one person talking to another. You should focus your selling techniques on supporting and rewarding your current customers, like slight discounts for signing up new customers. They will probably talk about you anyway, but now you have developed a relationship which people are proud of.
    I have worn MBT for a year at my work, 15 hour days on concrete mostly, and wow the concept of the shoe is incredible and i tell this to everyone. standing up straight, picking up anything the correct way, less impact on the knees, no more back pain, and most importantly for me, my feet don’t hurt 3 hours into the day anymore or at all.
    One more comment people should know. There is more chance of rolling your ankle in these shoes. This i think is because after a while your feet and legs become fatigued and a slight miss-step and over you go. It takes awhile to build support in your lower muscle groups to prevent this so start slow and pay attention and keep your muscles active.
    Back to my MBT’s, they are completely distroyed and fell a part. I can’t blame them because i beat the hell out of them at work. Its clear to me, paying 100 bucks, these were knock offs. This time i would like to try a real pair this concept shoe.
    I will look at MBT’s first and then RYN shoes and choose with the idea the concept is mostly the same. I’ll take some comments from above as things to think about but the rest of the bull*** from the companies that pisses me off i will disregard.

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    what an idiot this person is.
    i smashed my ankle into pieces and after eight months of slowly getting back to the stage of standing i was told about these. i got some and despite the fact i have less than 10 percent movement in the ankle some people can’t tell THANKS to these fantastic shoes.

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  69. Chris Says:

    My MBT sandals are shot after only 3 months of wear (purchased from australiambtshoe.com online in January 2012) – while I LOVE the design and the feel, the sole is falling to pieces and they look like cheap $10 copies, not the $260 quality product they were supposed to be. Don’t buy these shoes if you expect them to last.

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  71. SAMI Says:

    I’ve had three pairs of MBTs. Very comfortable, but the soles disintegrate after 3 months of wear. The first time it happened, I got a new pair of shoes as they were under warranty and the sales person had misrepresented their use. The second time, they offered me a $75 discount. Give me a break. Each pair has lasted about 90 days under normal wear. Defintely not worth the money.

  72. Joy911 Says:

    I believe I purchased my first pair of MBTs in 2005. They took getting used to at first but I eventually noticed my legs were more toned. I wore them in England the following year. I wore a pedometer and actually logged 13 miles walking around London one day! I felt I could upgrade to the Sport Sneakers finally. Due to the way I walk I noticed my first pair had worn down a bit on the outer heels, so I purchased a second pair. I also bought a second pair of Sport Sneakers to keep at work. My 5th pair were the Baridis. I never had a problem with the shoes, they made walking enjoyable, I love wearing them and they definitely toned my legs. I’m just sorry to hear about the poorer quality of the shoes now. I’ll have to make mine last! To the MBT people – you used to have a wonderful product Sometimes you shouldn’t tamper with a winner!

  73. peggy Says:

    I got my first pair of MBT’s a good 4 years ago — sandals, that I still have and wear. They are much heavier than the newer styles but are still so comfortable. I now have 4 pair of sandals (2 very new styles) and one pair of “closed” shoes. The closed shoes are very heavy and don’t fit my heel well, so I don’t wear them often. I feel like the MBT’s have kept me from having surgery for a neuroma. When I switch from them to “regular” shoes in the fall my feet hurt and I walk with great difficulty and an awkward gait. I’m still tyrying to find satisfactory alternative for work for the fall. Not sure if RYN’s are available locally yet.

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  76. Rita Wiley Says:

    Juliette, your mbt shoes are fakes. I have some like these but they are different. Mine are the real thing. Yours were made in China or somewhere like that. There are ways to tell a real shoe from the fake if you search it out on line. I love mine. You would to if you did a lot of walking, with the real ones.

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    When your feet hurt, a less than attractive shoe is the least of your worries.. I would be more disgusted by the ugly tatoo on the ankle than the shoe.. but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. dont hate.

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  97. BZ Says:

    I’m furious with MBT. No-one will believe how much my family has spent on those shoes. *Many* thousands of dollars, to put it mildly. Most of our MBTs were purchased at ‘official’ MBT stores in Australia. Yet when we run the numbers inside them against the MBT ‘security code’ — we have extra numbers in our shoes ! How does MBT explain that? I *used* to recommend MBTs at every opportunity. I don’t do it any more. What I’d like to know is — where are the dedicated MBT factories? Where are they? Why can’t we see them online if they exist? At close to $300 per pair of shoes, is it unreasonably to expect MBT to have its own dedicated factories that we can view online? Where is the quality control re: MBTs? If I knew, I’d be able to send them the MBTs which disintegrated a quarter of an hour after the first time I wore them. And when I investigated, the rubber outer surface had blown apart like a cheap balloon and the only thing in the cavity was a flimsy little piece of yellow foam. I can’t even wear the several pairs of MBTs I bought at the closing down sale of a supposedly ‘official’ MBT store in Haymarket, Sydney. Every time I try to wear them, they nearly cripple me. There’s something horribly wrong with them !! So until someone advises me there exists an MBT dedicated factory, I’ll have to continue suspecting that MBTs are being churned out by who-knows how many anonymous factories in Asia. And I’ll have to continue suspecting there is no actual quality control. I think consumer-affairs needs to investigate the situation asap.

  98. Ben Says:

    MBT’s crumbled at the sole area with minimal use. The shop at Chatswood dismissed the complaint – saying the shoes were old, they had minimal wear. I would advise caution around these shoes because if the sole crumbles when wearing them could cause ankle, foot injury. Not good enough MBT!

  99. Trevor Clapp Says:

    MBT Boots worn for 2 days.

    What a pile of rubbish. It appears that the rubber in the soles perish over time and not with wear. These were under the bed for a year before I got them out on Friday so are out of warranty according to http://www.mbt.com/en-gb
    So beware everyone you are not wearing your MBT’s out they are wearing themselves out without you knowing it!
    Be prepared for the forthcoming YouTube video next week…..!!!!

  100. JACK Says:

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  102. Calatrava Says:

    My MBT shoes used very seldom “collapsed” , it seems indipendently from the use (frequent or not) the rubber tends to fall apart . That’s very disappointing . On top to that their customer service refuses any sort of refund or fixies . I do not reccomend the MBT shoes

  103. Jose Garcia Says:

    From Spain with love ¡
    I bought 6 pair of MBT shoes = 1,200.00 euro
    All have the same problem with the soles being desintregated.
    I love the technique : wonderful
    But I think that we are misunderstanding the matter : there should be a LIFETIME GUARANTEE for an WRONG FORMULATION of the material they have used on the soles, it is not a question of misuse.
    There are thousands of disapointed costumers all around the world and I suggest that we should contact not the company but the Swiss Business Office in every country : WE BOUGTH AND PAYED FOR A QUALITY SWISS PRODUCT and we were all cheated with wrong answers from the manufacturer. I heard that a new company is running the business, but for sure that the new enterprise was aware of the problems with the midsoles and they must be obliged to give answers to all of us.
    Is there anyone who wants to join my complaints to the different commercial offices of Switzerland in each country?
    José Garcia

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