I hate self-appointed CEOs


P DiddyOver the last decade the title of CEO has turned from an undeniably esteemed position of substantial power – someone in charge of total management of a company – into a cheesy hip-hop cliché. Somehow it has become synonymous with shitty record labels and “empires” that consist of about three people, each somehow more clueless than the other. Now whenever I see the term CEO all I can picture is the smug, chubby little face of P Diddy (or P Diddly as he will forever be known to me).

It appears nowadays people will start their own painfully insignificant record label just so they can appoint themselves as CEO. It’s become such an unashamedly self-masturbatory, yet enormosuly pointless title. There are even people who start a blog and then precede to declare themselves the CEO of their shitty little web journal that nobody reads. Of course you are the fucking CEO – no one else is involved with the blog apart from you. I could take a shit right now on the floor and declare myself the CEO of that shit – my shit, which I own and have full control over. It would be just as meaningful.

John, self-appointed CEO of Hate Is A Strong Word


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