I hate long nails


When I was in sixth grade I cut all my nails into sharp points because I saw a photo of Glenn Danzig with his nails like that. My knife-nails, as I called them, were evil and menacing and cool, or so I thought. Thankfully, since sixth grade I’ve grown to detest long nails, be they sharpened or dull. They don’t even have to be talon-like for me to hate them; any bit of nail extending beyond the fingertip is enough to make me vomit on my dick and use the puke as lube. Actually, that’s a bit harsh. But just imagine getting a hand-job from that hand. Worse still, imagine her inserting a pinky.



6 Responses to “I hate long nails”

  1. Juliette Says:

  2. papercatjen Says:

    I dislike long fingernails too.
    if they are naurally grown long, then EWWW that’s dead cells you’re parading around. They are impractical. dirt definitely gets trapped under them. You’re just waiting to cause yourself unnecessary pain. or someone’s going to rip off your nails.

    if they are fake nails EWWW they aren’t even real, why are you parading with plastic nails? they are more likely to fall off or one will fall off and you’ll look a wally.

    If you’re one of the growing number of people who have started CUTTING THEIR NAILS ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT… i hate you. I want to puke every time i see someone’s clippings on the floor.

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